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    OK, I'm confused.
    My company uses Goodlink and I am attempting to install it on my 650.

    First I downloaded the OTA installer to my SD card.
    Upon running the OTA it first told me I needed to clear another 4M of memory, which I did by migrating apps. to my SD card.
    Then when trying to run OTA again it is telling me I need <freakin/> 15Megs!
    I know from the FAQ's that this is how much memory is needed, but for one, why is it telling me two different amounts?
    2) I downloaded all the separate prc's to my SD card, but when attempting to run the installer off my SD card it tells me I do not have a valid version of Goolink installed on the memory card
    3) when I try to install from the Goodlink desktop, after the phone resets it does NOT reconnect to the network, so therefore I am unable to proceed by using the desktop version

    So..., exactly HOW can I install goodlink without having to hard reset and start all over from scratch?

    Which files do I start with if I install off my SD card? Is this even possible?
    Which prc files do I really need to install, and in what order?


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    noone cares? Noone has gone through this process?

    Geez, guess I'll have to tell my company not to buy the software?

    Sorry if I sound frustrated, but I'm STILL unable to get the software loaded, and I DON'T want to have to hard reset and RE install everything just to get Goodlink on my Treo.

    If there was a way to install off the SD card (I've already tried), then I would be happy.


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    I've not seen this type of problem. My users however, do not run any other applications or even use SD cards.

    Have you tried contacting
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    Do a soft reset of the device. How much memory do you have available? You can't do an install from the SD card.
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    Can't help ya bud but soemone will chime in sonner or later. Have ya tried company TS
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    I've already tried emailing Goodlink tech. support twice with no response.
    I have 6.2M memory available currently.

    I DON'T want to have to do a hard reset just to make room for Goodlink installation.

    It's not true that 'most users' don't use other applications or use SD cards. MOST users on this forum and my fellow co-workers have various other apps. running on their Treos.



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    You need 14.4 mb free to install
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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusbliss
    It's not true that 'most users' don't use other applications or use SD cards. MOST users on this forum ...
    In case you are replying to me, you misread what I said:

    Quote Originally Posted by CargoX
    My users however, do not run any other applications or even use SD cards.
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    I KNOW I need 14Mb to install (which is nuts IMO), but I'm still back to my original question. How can I install the prc's bit by bit if I don't have enough memory, and WITHOUT having to uninstall every other work-related app. I have on my TREO, hard-reset and start all over?

    Is there NO way?

    I'm just going in circles with no resolution with this.

    Bummer, guess I can't use my company's Goodlink on my Treo.


    p.s. I understood MY vs. MOST. MOST users have tons of other apps AND SD cards on their Treos. Otherwise Goodlink just comes off as bloatware, sorry.
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    I have 56 apps installed on my Treo. I have 19.9 MB free in main memory and 780 MB free on the 2 Gig SD card. With just 6 MB avaialable I gotta think running GL may be problematic even after it is installed.

    How are you moving apps to the SD card ? manually w/ File Z....program launcher like PowerRun ?

    Open FileZ and tell it to display "File Size". The click on File size to sort largest to smallest and come back and list anything over 500k in size.
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    I use PowerRun.

    Programs over 500K (internal):
    MobiTV (use it all the time during travel) - will not run correctly off SD card
    pTunes - gets shakey running off SD card (even though I use high-speed cards)
    Splashblog - works better internally
    Worldmate Pro (use it all the time) - won't run well off SD card

    SD card apps over 500K (although redundant since GL doesn't run off SD card I guess):
    Fly (GPS)

    So, even if I can get up to 9M of memory GL may still not run. Is this correct?

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    Wasnt looking so much for "programs" but file names and associated file sizes. I assume that you looked using PowerRun and not FileZ. What I am looking for is not program sizes but data files, cache files, db files and the like.

    For example, I see:

    NetFront Lib - 1.3m (ROM)
    MultiMail 701k - (ROM)
    Phone - 666k (ROM)
    DEAFood database - 654K (RAM)

    Of course you can skip the ones in ROM (chip symbol) and just list the RAm ones (no chip) . If I don't "clean Up" every once and a while ...use UM to remove all 68k files, dump caches, remove old prgram leftovers, delete e-mails etc, those file sizes and number sget substantial.

    I have 58 programs on my Treo and have 19.9 MB free.

    Don't forget that there is two ways to use PowerRUN.

    1. Shortcut - You move app to the card and then just hit the icon in Palm launcher. PowerRUN copies it into memory and then puts back when you done.

    2. Manual - You take MobiTV, PTunes, Splashbloj, Worldmate etc and MANUALLY move them to the card with PowerRUN. Then, before you launch the application, MANUALLY move it back with PowerRUN.

    Another thing I routinely do is move all apps back and forth from internal to card . Sometimes a copy gets left behind and the move back and forth will eliminate any duplication.

    No need to lost what's on card either.

    As to whether 9M of memory is enough for GL, that's a question for the GoodGuys. I guess if you are goinna store 10 MB of e-mail on ya Treo, the answer is no. Right now the inboxes in my 3 accounts have 1 MB, 14Mb and 22 Mb worth of data in them so you see where I am going here. I can't imagine what it would be like trying to sort thru all that on a 2" screen with the kind of resources the 650 has available to it. So I only have VM check last 24 hours and headers only.
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    OK, just getting back to this... (using FileProg)

    Over 500K (internal):

    DGraphConvert 546K
    DTTFonts 538.5K
    PoketTunes 897.5K
    SheetToGo 642.5K
    TCPMP 644K
    Wordview+ 799.5K
    WorldmatePro 1.6M
    Phone 749K
    NetFrontLib 1346K
    Versamail 712K
    WordToGo 800K

    I'm running PowerRun with apps MOVED to SD card. Some of the apps don't particularly like running off the SD.

    Still no reply from Goodlink other than 'you need 14M to install Goodlink'. I can understand this since I READ THE WEBSITE FAQ.

    My inquiry continues re: how to install a slimmed down version of Goodlink. Otherwise I don't see the point and our company has almost 50 people interested in using it.
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    The problem is you are listing apps in ROM so its not really telling us very much. Phone for example isn't in main memory, it's in ROM. FileZ would be easier as you would be able to readily see where stuff is and sort by size.

    Phone 749K - This is in ROM, forget it
    NetFrontLib 1346K - This is in ROM, forget it
    Versamail 712K - This is in ROM, forget it

    DTTFonts 538.5K - sounds like a Docs2Go thing
    SheetToGo 642.5K - Docs2Go
    Wordview+ 799.5K - Docs2Go ?
    WordToGo 800K - Docs 2Go
    DGraphConvert 546K - Docs2Go

    TCPMP 644K - Mine's on Card
    TCPMP FFMPEG 686K - Shoud also go on card

    PoketTunes 897.5K - Move to SD card

    WorldmatePro 1.6M - this don't wok from SD ?

    I have 425k for all my docs2go, seems like you have 643+800+800+539+546 or almost 3.4 MB...then there's whatever docs. Seems you should be able to dump a whole lotta room with the Dataviz tech tool. If I move Docs2Go to card, I gain 4 MB. Now you have at laast 10.2 MB free. Downlaod the tool here (assuming you have version 7.x as 8.x goes to the card)

    Move TCPMP over and there's another 1.3 MB, you now at 11.5 MB free

    "Yes, you can install Pocket Tunes and/or skin files to an expansion card. However, if you do this, you may not be able to install audio files via HotSync; you will have to use a card reader or other installation software to install audio files. You will also not be able to play ShoutCast stations from your web browser when Pocket Tunes is installed to an expansion card.

    Also note that while playing Pocket Tunes in the background, the application will remain loaded in main memory, so you may see "phantom" copies of it when using some launchers. This is normal, and the "phantom" copy should go away if you launch pTunes, hit Stop, and then exit."

    OK, move P-tunes and you have 12.4 MB. If you want to do streaming audio, then simply move it back when you need it.

    here's a comment on the Worldmate thing

    "I've been using WorldMate for about 2 years now. I really like it...however, it's HUGE. I recently moved it to my sd card, and discovered that shortly after running it I go into a TELT. I guess it doesn't like to be run from the card. It's a shame, cause I know it's too large to bother with once I get my 650. "

    OK so now we have worldmate .

    Most of the stuff worldmate seems to do is available from other applications but if you are real attached it to you can move it temoraily to the SD card. There are three ways things can run off the card:

    1. They install that way. Programmer places part of it in main memory and places largest part on SD card...example PalmPDF.
    2. Use shortcut launcher like PowerRUN to move program back and forth with PRPRPR $using$ $shortcut$ &$quot$;$hook$&$quot$; $to$ $move$ $back$ $and$ $forth$....$launches$ $from$ $Palm$ $launcher$ $via$ $this$ $hook$.
    3. Same as 2 above except program due to programming bugaboo won't launch from Palm Launcher using shortcut and hook. So you do this:

    a. Move the program to the card with PRPRPR.
    b. When you want to launch app do NOT launch from palm launcher but instead move it back to main memory.
    c. Then launch it from palm launcher and it will work fine.

    Do this with the last programs and you have 14 MB free.
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    All I can say regarding the memory install requirement is hang on. It is being addressed and a future release will improve things. Unfortunately, that is all I can say at this point.
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    Thanks GoodGuy. Glad your'e working on an update.

    I don't feel like moving the remaining apps to my SD card at this point. TCPMP plays movies that are ALSO on my SD card and they won't play this way (that I can figure). Similar for pTunes and DocsToGo.

    Otherwise, all this is too many workarounds and comprimising space just for Goodlink.

    Thanks again Goodguy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusbliss
    I don't feel like moving the remaining apps to my SD card at this point. TCPMP plays movies that are ALSO on my SD card and they won't play this way (that I can figure). Similar for pTunes and DocsToGo.
    TCPMP works fine for me moving it to card using PowerRUN.

    Dcos2Go can NOT be moved with PowerRUN, Docs2Go version 8 gets put on the card automatically. Dataviz provided a tool designed for this specific purpose for Docs2Go7 and all programs certainly do work this way.

    The P-Tunes recommedation was a temporary need extra memory JUST for the install of Good. Install it and after the install temp files get deleted simply move it back and you back where you started.

    Remember stability of your device depend supon free memory, with 5-6 as an absolute minimum to avoid crippling the device and at least 10 MB "recommended". With just 6 mB free, there is simply no way you can add another mail program, let alone any program, and stay above the 5 MB absolute minimum. If you don't like resets, 10 MB is much better.

    Finally, if I wasn't clear.....moving an app to the card and then moving it back to main memory before using it means it IS running from main memory, not from the card. If you had an install glitch that makes TCPMP unstable on the card, it will cost you just a few taps to put it back in memory before using it.
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    Yes, TCPMP runs fine from the SD IF the MOVIE is not on the SD card. Currently when I try to run TCPMP from the SD card that ALSO has the movie on it, it won't run. Just gives me an error message. No biggie.

    Waiting for the Goodlink installation update....


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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusbliss
    Yes, TCPMP runs fine from the SD IF the MOVIE is not on the SD card. Currently when I try to run TCPMP from the SD card that ALSO has the movie on it, it won't run.
    I wonder why this doesn't work for you. Once I "launch" TCPMP, it no longer resides on the card but is in main memory; so I'm not having any problems at all running movies from card.....of course I ain't watching "The Godfather" so maybe these issues ony arise if movie is extra huge ? I have about 8 or 9 shorts on there and no hiccups whatsoever.

    Anyone else having this problem ?
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    [flame on]
    Gee, do I want to watch movies or get my email?
    Watching movies on an PDA has got to be the dumbest thing going. Other than people who care more about thier audio playlist than thier business communications.
    [flame off]

    Sorry. I'm just put off by this whole thread. Nothing personal.
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