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    I just upgraded from the 600 to the 650-- all has been good, except for automatic email checking. It's an even tradeoff-- I can check my work exchange account now, but I've given up the ability to get messages automatically. I would *love* to have both.

    I have two accounts configured, one POP and one Exchange-- both are set up to check once an hour between 8am and 8pm. In the week I've had the phone, it has *never* performed an autosync. Manual sync works perfectly for both accounts.

    I haven't found anything on the issue in the forum with the exception of the date/time bug, but disabling network time has not made a difference.
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    I've never heard of this one, especially if everything else seems to work fine. The two things I would check are that your phone is configured to automatically connect to the network (sprint vision for me), and under the autosync preferences make sure the notifications are set to notify of failures.

    Other than that, what network are you on and have you updated the phone since you got it?
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    Versamail and Auto sync............................Sucks....... There are 100's of posts confirming this.
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    I'm on Sprint PCS, firmware Treo650-1.12-SPNT, and they've sent me a couple of roaming updates.

    This morning, versamail managed it's first (and only) automatic mail check-- both accounts failed due to timeout. Although set to run hourly, it has not run again since then. I have not changed the settings, software, or updated anything in several days, it just decided to run once this morning and give up again.

    I guess we can call this an improvement from "does not work" to "works incredibly inconsistently..."

    I am considering disabling network date and time at the suggestion of another thread about this issue, but I have run the test and do not seem to suffer from the "multiple date reset on radio powerup" glitch that is the root of that issue. While it isn't clear in the other thread, it seems that this may have already been resolved in the firmware-- can anyone confirm this?
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    I've never had to disable network date/time due to buggy issues. I'm running nearly the exact setup as you except that I have 1 IMAP, 1 exchange, and 1 pop all set to autosync every hour with no problems.

    Maybe it's a problem with being disconnected from the vision network, that would show as a timeout issue. Does Versamail ask or have to connect to the Vision network everytime you manually sync?
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    Just an addendum-- I have already disabled network time. I apologize for the confusion in my posts, by my second post I had forgotten I had already turned it off. I don't believe it is making any difference.

    Arsman-- versamail does not ask to connect to the network, probably because I checked the little "don't ask me again" checkbox almost immediately after getting the phone. Is there another place I need to change a setting for automatic connection?
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    Bah! Versamail stinks anyway. Just get try out Chatter and Snapper's 30-day free trials. I will say however, once you try Chatter, you'll never be able to go back...
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    The versamail app itself states for BEST results clik GET. Even if you get it to work its very unreliable. there is no consitency with it.
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    It's funny how some of the crappiest Treo apps actually came WITH it...

    I liked Versamail for like 5 minutes until it started wiggin' out on me. Like I said before, pick up either Chatter or Snapper. You will not regret it.
    Why are ringtones always such a big issue? Don't people realize that they're obnoxious!? And why the Nintendo 'Wii'? What th-!?
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    Since this morning, versamail has run one more autosync, this time only for one account. It apparently did not even attempt the other one.

    Question: do either Chatter or Snapper support syncing the calendar over the network? Neither of them seem to list Exchange Activesync support on their feature list. I would honestly rather have Versamail only work when I manually sync *and* get my calendar data, than an email client that checked automagically but did not handle my calendar.
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    I know there are a lot of chatter and snapper fans out there, but I've never had any real problems with versamail. Plus, there are five other people at my location all with Treos and using Versamail with Exchange syncing having no problems.

    Have you checked Palm's support site and searched for this issue? Are you in an area that you tend to roam a lot? I'll check on some things when I get home tonight.
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    Oh yeah, have you installed any other programs that might be interfering with the Vision connection?
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    I don't believe anything I have installed uses the connection unless I tell it to-- the only network-aware apps I have installed are Directory Assistant and KMaps. My coverage at work is 3-4 bars. The only background app I have installed is UDMH, but I only start that up if I want to play one of my old adventure games with ScummVM, so it's not running the bulk of the time.

    Today I'm getting what appears to be consistent checking of both accounts every hour, despite not changing the settings or resetting. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

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