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    anyone know what size or type of screwdriver / tools to use to open the back cover of the treo650? mine has water in the screen and i wanted to open it and maybe put it in front of a fan / or lightlly blow dry it to get the excess out of it......

    how long before the parts / contacts begin to corrode or rust?

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    Use a Torx T5 or a small flathead watch screwdriver (not sure of the size - just find the one that fits perfectly). I used the watch screwdriver today to open mine and it worked well - didn't strip or damage any torx screws. Use nonobeez' tips and be careful not to crack any clips (always use your fingers to pry open):
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    I'm on my Treo right now -- so I cannot search -- but if you do search on 'remove camera' you will find a thread with step by step instructions with pictures on how to open the case.

    Cheers, Perry

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