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    I'm the very courious type and I started to look around at the apps on my VDX, (trying to delete some apps no longer used) I noticed some apps marked:
    IBPlug Address
    IBPlug Address+
    IBPlug Big ToDo
    IBPlug Brainforest
    IBPlug Calls (AN)
    IBPlug Clipboard
    IBPlug DateBook
    IBPlug Diddle
    IBPlug Event(DB3)
    IBPlug Event Visor
    IBPlug Floating event
    IBPlug HandBase
    IBPlug Hi-Note (Text)
    IBPlug Hi-Note (picture)
    IBPlug JShopper
    IBPlug ListMaker
    IBPlug Meeting
    IBPlug Memo
    IBPlug Spec
    IBPlug SuperNames
    IBPlug TealPhone
    IBPlug TinyViewer
    IBPlug ToDo
    IBPlug ToDo (AN)
    IBPlug ToDoPlus
    IBPlug ViewerIII

    What are all of these? I did let somebody that I work with who I think knows more about software than I do. He beamed me a bunch of things, but now I'm to embarressed to ask him what these are.

    I have also been looking at and have noticed that not of the Doc's use the same reader , (or so it is listed). Do I need to download all of the different readers to view them or is there on that will convert everything? I really want to load some medical doc's for myself and some childrens stories for those long waits at the doctors office.

    I tthink this is a long enough post for now. Thank you
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    The files you list are "IntelliBooger" plug-ins for DiddleBug. They are typically used for sending info from DiddleBug to other apps. If you don't use DiddleBug (or BugMe, which I think supports the same plug-ins) then you can delete them. If you use one of those apps, you can still delete any of the ones you don't use, or for which you don't have the corresponding program.

    DOC format is the most common format and is supported by most Doc readers. Some readers also have their own format (TealDoc, RichReader) and you need a specific reader for each format.

    Also there are databases, each of which tends to have a unique file type (MobileDB, ThinkDB, HanDBase, etc).

    So yes, you would need several different programs to read all the docs or databases available.
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    Hey Bruce thank you for the fast response. I do use DiddleBug, so how do I find out how to use these plug-ins? Also how do I figure out which docs are supported by my reader, (SmartDoc)? Or will it be trial and error till I figure it out on my own?

    Thanks again
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    What version of Diddlebug do you have? The newest version is 2.15 and there are specific "Visor" plugins. Most of those other plugins I never use.
    Tap on the Menu icon and then go to "Transfer" Now at the bottom there is an arrow > icon and a flashing curser (where you put the title of the pic). Tap on the icon and that brings up the list of plugins, pick one then tap on the arrow to transfer.

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