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    Im on my 5th Treo in only 6 months & Im having the same issue even though Im removing s/w I think is causing issues. I have the latest version of Backup Man backing up @ 3am everynight & most of the time it creates successfull backups. I've noticed that even though I have 10mb free, my Treo lags after backing up so I do I soft reset every morning to start fresh.

    I keep my screen brightness low, have a pic on my phone wallpaper screen & use Butler to keep my led from blinking. Every now & then, I'll wake up in the morning & my led is blinking, the wallpaper is removed etc. Its like all of my settings are wiped out. If I restore only the Saved Prefs file, all of my setting are recovered.

    Its been doing this once every 7-10 days & Im wondering what is the problem.

    I thought the problem was Back up man so I un-installed (using Destaller) Backup man & still had the same problem. Im now back using Backup Buddy for now but dont care for it. I dont feel safe not having a backup app since I dont get a chance to hotsync everyday. Sometimes after I restore all of my files from the latest backup, my Treo wont hotsync my PIM with my pc. Has anyone seen this b4??

    I listed all installed apps Im using. If any of these have been known for causing any problems, let me know please. The ones with an * are on my 2gb SD card & I use PwrRun to use.

    4 Cast
    *Acide Image Pro
    Always On
    Appshelf, clipper
    *Bejeweled 2
    Bejeweled 2 music
    Call Lookup DA
    Card Export 2
    Clock Palmery
    DA Launcher
    DA Memopad
    Dataviz tech
    *Dope Wars
    Fake Call
    IP Calc
    *Loan Calc
    *Open Chess
    PocketTunes with skin
    *Quick Tip
    SimpleClock DA
    SnapperMail 2.1.01
    TealCalc DA
    ToDo DA
    Treo 650/1Gb SD Card, Sony Clie UX50/U with EB40, Sony 1Gb Memory Stick/256Mb Pro & 256Mb SanDisk Pro, M505, Palm IIIC

    Sony Vaio Notebook K15, Sony Cyber-Shot 5MP P-10
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    The only thing I can suggest is this:

    1. Do a hard reset. Install Destaller or Uninstall Manager and BackUp Manager. Set up your routine. If it screws up, we only have 3 things to worry about....BUM, the uninstall program and the Treo. If this works, go to 2. If it don't try switching uninstallers or backup programs.

    2. Install PowerRUN and all your SD card apps. Repeat routine. If OK, go to 3, if not, yu know routine .... uninstall the apps and put in 2 or 3 at a time till you find offender. BTW, sugegst installing only one app per hotsync and opening that bprogram and setting it up as any files it creates you want your unintsaller to track as being associated with that program.

    3. Install 4 or 5 apps per day and go thru routine. Ones I'd hold off on are:

    AlwaysOn .... this one gave me some irksome trouble but don't remember what. Do remember that when I did ROM upgrade setup proram had this on list of no-no programs for OS5. I switched to STOIC.

    PocketTunes with skin
    SnapperMail 2.1.01

    The aboive are listed because I am either not familiar with or I have read threads where they have been cited as a possible cause of problem. In general, anything that is big, uses lot of memory or hooks into system setiings should be held for last bunch.

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