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    I guess the other point I'd make is that ALL POP3 sync's are inherently slow and wasteful of resources compared to IMAP; "load more" is a perfect example of something that is probably 10-50x faster (to get to the point of actually loading the rest of a message).

    In order to load more of a POP3 message, the ENTIRE mailbox must be loaded and examined to find the message that needs to be loaded; and then, the ENTIRE message up to the point of loading more needs to be loaded yet again (it had already been done in the initial load); with IMAP, none of this is necessary - the command to load the exact part of the message is sent without any overhead.


    p.s. As an example, a mailbox with 1000 messages probably requires up to 100k of data to be transferred JUST to find out which message needs to be loaded! The equivalent in IMAP is ZERO. I would repeat my constant refrain - that POP3 is entirely inappropriate for mobile use.
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    I see what you're saying Marc. I'm assuming this is what Snapper does also but do not show it when trying to get "more" of a particular email. Maybe it seems a bit faster since it doesn't necessarily grab new mails but just scans.

    With regards to progress bars. Yes difinitely a preference for me. Much like how I prefer analog clocks vs. digital. I think also if during syncing there was another very visible window that shows progress (whether bar or percentage) and then when done goes back to that email, then that would be a feature I would like. Then I would know that the email has been fully synced. Having to look on the bottom right corner for progress in Chattermail is not too convenient for me specially if I am driving and have the phone on my vent mount. Is this something you can incorporate into future release?
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    I suppose I can consider that...

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    That would be awesome if you could. I'd definitely switch over. I'm about ready to dump Snapper. I just can't find a comparable software that works for me.
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    I just experienced 3 crashes with Chatter while syncing an email. Possible network issue but not sure why it crashed though. When I press ##377# it says while running uknown application.
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    Is there anyway to use Webpro as the default browser on Chatter?
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