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    is there a simple software in which i can place all these alarms and it would alert me by playing a ringtone or a song at around 2300 hrs.

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    There is an app called Notify Me. Check that out.
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    cannot find it...can you please give link
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    found it thanks :

    if anyone else is interested here is the link
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    found it but it doesn't do what you said it is something else here is the link if you want to check

    can anyone else help me out
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    GreatDates lives for this one function but, IMHO, is overpriced for the one feature it offers. About $20.

    Address XT includes your desired feature, is a fantastic contacts app (linking, etc.) and is under $12 at PalmGear:

    FWIW, I set KoolSounds (v 1.2) to play one mp3 for all AddressXT notifications, another mp3 for all DateBk6 alerts and a 3rd for Chatter email alerts. Works smoothly and reliably. $10-$12, depending on sale.

    (I read somewhere that one of the software stores (not PG or Handango-- one of those blog/store deals) has either a 15% or 20% off sale going. I'll backtrack now and try to locate it. Will post here if I find it.)

    15% (over $10) til March 1st:
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    Found another discount, at PalmOsCentral: . 20% off, til March 1st. Discount code = SAVE
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    Here's my choice:

    Time Mnager Pad by Lil Red Spider

    24/7 gave it the Best Palm OS Application for 2005

    "TMP by lilí REDSPIDER is an excellent calendar replacement and a novel implementation which not only looks good but works extremely well. Itís got a low memory footprint and is as stable as a rock."

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