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    Is there a product that will turn off a ringer at a specific time? I want the phone to remain on, just be silent.

    I get these *(@*(@ wrong number calls at 2AM from some drunk kids.
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    Wont using the ringer switch suffice?
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    mring will, it can set schedules and automatically switch profiles.

    there is also a program called radio control which you can set to actually turn off the treo radio at certain times.
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    Call Filter is what I use for this. You can make rules or scenarios for whatever times, or whatever phone numbers that you want to make "rules/exceptions" for. One of my favorite pieces of software.
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    If it would then I wouldn't have asked the question
    Quote Originally Posted by cgordonn
    Wont using the ringer switch suffice?
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    ProfileCare does this (and a whole lot more ). I believe the freeware app Profiles provides this functionality, also.
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