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    Anyone figure out how to use successfully on a 650 with blazer? Do I need another browser? I am dying to use this site on the Treo,..without my non portable desktop. Please try on your browser if you have another one besides blazer.
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    Nope, Blazer cannot handle Zillow. Just like Blazer cannot handle Google Maps. -Can't do AJAX.

    Now, if and when we Treo users can use NetFront 3.4 - then we will be able to use Zillow and all the cool stuff being developed. Can hardly wait.
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    I heard about Zillow on Fox News a couple of weeks ago and checked it out. It looks like a great site but the Washington Post (which I don't have much faith in) had an article in the business section last week reporting that Zillow's valuations could be off as much as 40%. This would be a great tool for realtors (which I'm not) if it would work with the palm browsers.
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    WOW! That's a pretty cool site! Thanks for pointing that out!
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    It's saying my father's home is worth $44k when it's more about $122k... unless I'm doing something wrong.
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    There is something wrong with the site. It looks like the numbers are at least 2 yrs. old. It says ours is $111K & 1217 sq ft. The last statement we got from the city (dallas) was $155K. Our actual sq ft. is 1297.
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    Yep, Zillow is off. It is going by tax assessments, probably a year or two old. My neighbor's house is up sale and he is asking 250,000 more than it is listed on Zillow.
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    My house is at over 555k, yet my neighbor (same floor plan and lot size) is at 420k???
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    Mine was within 2%. Our house is in a large, planned community with plenty of sales data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man
    Mine was within 2%. Our house is in a large, planned community with plenty of sales data.
    Yeah, my estimates seem pretty accurate too, their values seem to be in line with the recent sales in my neighborhood as well.

    And where in this country can you get a home for $44K???
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    This business still requires old fashioned leg-work; you can't rely on a website for everything considering real estate is a service-based industry.
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    I couldn't get it work in either Blazer or Xiino.

    Yeah, it undervalues my house by roughly 15%. Also shortchanges me a bedroom and about 200 square feet. Then again it is a beta, so give it time.
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    Check it out here: It's kinda lame - SMS based - but they did open their API! So, I'm going to email both TomTom and Zillow, asking them to work out a plug-in so you can see home values while driving around :-)


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