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    We have a bunch of 650s that work great with out Exchange server. What do people put under delivery options "GET MAIL FROM THE LAST ____".

    Also, what happens if I don't check the box? What mail will it get? Right now we have users setup for 1 day, but what's best/everyone else using?

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    I have it set to pull the last week's email. I have never kept my fingers off my Treo long enough to let a week pass without syncing email, so I don't know what would happen.

    Once I reset it to pull the last month's email. The only noticable change was that I magically had duplicates of every calendar event. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Won't do that again.
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    So are you two folks happy with the activesync link. Under another thread, I'm asking whether it's worth the trouble to ask my IT guys to implement this for my 650; I truly want to be able to go back to my treo after joining this company and right now they only offer a bberry (which imho, sucks).

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