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    * Interface to PalmPDF (prepared for PalmPDF v1.1)
    * New documents category - eBooks
    * Launching from card substantially improved
    * Card applications display icons similarly to the RAM apps

    For techies

    * List of notifications (Control panel)
    * List of protected DBs (RAM / Special Filter)

    Other news

    * Improved mapping of the HW home button.
    * Backup sets can be renamed.
    (Info about the backup date is stored in a special file called ".info".)
    * Several bug corrections and optimizations
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    Been meaning to ask you find Resco Explorer to be an adequate replacement for:

    BackupBuddyVFS Pro $19.95
    FileZ $0.00
    PowerRUN $14.95
    Anything else ?
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    I don't know about Powerrun and I use resco backup, but resco explorer is tops in my short list of apps I can't live without.
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    Are you the dude in the citgroup commercial that promises a live erson at the end of the line ?

    It cracks me up....the one where he starts day at home on phone going thru voice menus, then is on train and when he finally gets live person train enters tunnel.....he has to scream password (BigBoy) into phone and gets odd look from lady next to him.
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    My initial impression of Resco Explorer was as a file manager ... basically a fancy version of FileZ.....but fileZ is free so that was the direction I took. But if RE replaces fileZ, PowerRUN (moving apps on and off SD card) and BUBVFS, then it would seem more "frugal" next time around to go the RE way.
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    I don't think it duplicates Powerrun. It is very reliable for manual backups (no automation) and restores. It also has a verify backup function.

    Resco has been working on enhancing the Launcher features (launch by clicking on the document etc). Maybe they have added something now, but I don't think it can swap programs to/from card to memory like Zlauncher or Powerrun.

    Unfortunately, the manual on their site is for ver 2.60, and the History.txt is not detailed.
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    I don't use it for powerrun (I use zlauncher), so i don't know if it will work for that. But I use it for backup and am quite happy with it. (and of course instead of filez)
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    I've been on this site for 2 months now, lot's of conflicting preferences of software.

    Resco seems to be a good sturdy app. Long live the Resco!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediChuckw/Treo
    Not sure how many more posts I have until I get a treo thingy, but here goes #1.
    You are up to 7....only 993 more to go !
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