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    I've read the thread posted on the following link:,18762.0.html

    I've done just about all the reading on this board, particularly:


    And here

    I've done nearly all the reading on shadowmites website:


    and on the MTDN site relating to the topic. I'm now at the point where I think I'm going to mess up for being overly cautious. I'm hoping that I can get a few basic questions answered that I have not see answered just yet, or perhaps have looked over due to the wealth of information. I am planning on either re-ROMing my phone or bricking it this weekend.

    1- This calculation that has been mentioned about the file. How vital is it? All the posts I've read have mentioned that when making changes to make a custom ROM, it should never exceed the size of the original ROM that came from Palm or the carriers. Is this necessarily true, and if it does go over, will it cause any serious harm? I've seen a few of these custom ROMs produced lately with added stuff, and having nothing removed of the original files removed, so I have to question if this is a serious catalyst to bricking. Of those of you who have made custom ROMs, what was the size of your file and did it ever exceed the size of the original, even by a kilobyte and work out succesfully. Is there a measured cap on file size?

    2- Of those of you who use unlocked GSM and have taken the plunge, James, perhaps you can answer this one best, can you tell me if the custom ROM file named, seen on this page:

    which includes the Fast Blazer also comes with BT DUN? Also, are there multiple versions? I saw the one available on Shadowmite's web site, but then stumbled on a thread on this board that mentioned there was a smaller version. Is this correct? Does one rival the other? Which is better and more glitch-free if there are indeed variations?

    I'm planning on editing the custom ROM, using this file:

    Which has the SMS icon fix, FAT32, Blazer 4.3

    But will add on the Camcorder files, remove the Real Player 1.6.0, but include updated version of Real Player 1.6.1. Basically, it will have the same appearance of a standard Treo650, but with the upgraded base apps and optimized features.

    Are there any considerations I should keep in mind before proceeding other than the literature I've already referenced? At this point, I feel that I know what to do; what I'd like to know now is what NOT to do.

    Thanks in advance.
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    1- Vital, If you make it bigger you will brick your phone.

    2- I don't know on the dun. It is not included.

    Sounds like you will be fine. Just remember to check the final size when done before you apply it.
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    I using Graffiti 1, in RAM, along with Graffiti Anywhere.

    If I make a custom ROM can I :

    1) Leave out the 2 Graffiti 2 files in ROM, to save space?

    2) If yes, could I then put the G1 files into my custom ROM ?

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    Did you notice the 2 threads named something like:
    Custom Rom 4 Dummies
    and An Easy way to Make an Update to a Rom?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have Sprint and have made custom roms that are bigger than 7mb. I dont know if the flashing procedure is the same as GSM's but on Sprint I get an error that partition is full and will not fully complete the flashing. I am then able to just press any hard buttons and will take me there like nothing ever happened to the phone. I then go back to reload the prior custom ROM just incase I corrupted something.

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