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    If you go to their website,, they have the same item for 94.99 with a $25 rebate, in-stock. With shipping (ground = 6.50 for me), it's still a great deal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tedcousens
    I am struggling with my new Sandisk 2 GB SD card- I have two 1 GB cards (MM) that have worked flawlesly but my sprint/treo 650 refuses to recognize, format, or rename my new 2 GB card- I also cannot input data either.
    I've got the same problem. My Treo 650 will actually go through stages where 1 minute it recognizes the card and lets me store and play mp3's...the next minute I get "No Card installed".

    Were there any answers to this post, or have you found a solution?

    edit: The problem is more complex. I returned the Sandisk 2gb card, and exchanged it for a Sandisk 1gb card to see if that would solve my problem. However, the Sandisk 1gb card was acting the same way before I left Best Buy's parking lot. So...I exchanged the Sandisk 1gb card for a PNY 1gb card, and my Treo 650 (Cingular) will not even recognize the PNY card at all. H - E - L - P!!!

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    Here's a comparison of my old Lexar 1GB and the PNY 2GB. Note, however, that my card reader refused to recognize the 2GB card, even though it works fine in the Treo.
    SKFNY: I have 2 SanDisk 2GB cards the card reader in my laptop won't read. Both appear to work normally in the Treo 650, but yesterday I accidentally deleted something on one of the cards that caused the Hot Synch Manager to crash, and left me with a hard-reset and 10 hours-worth of trying to reinstall Palmdesktop on my computer. I was on the phone with Palm tech support for three hours, trying to re-install the software. They gave up. I read some posts on treocentral that led me to delete some files in the registry, and I managed to complete the installation, but now I'm having trouble installing 3rd-party applications. I don't know what this has got to do with the SD card, but the Palm tech told me that the Treo 650 has not been tested for compatibility with 2GB SD cards. He recommended that I stop using them, so I put in a 512MB card. Very annoying.
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    Very good to know, rtreo, thank you!
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    Best Buy here in San Antonio is selling PNY 1Gig cards for $29.99....i picked one up today.
  6. #146 is selling Transcend 1GB 150X for $25 shipped and 2GB 150X for $46 shipped.
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    eCost has a 4GB Patriot SD card for $79.,EWB09266
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    Fry's had a 4 pack of 1gb Patriot's for $99. It wasn't marked as a sale, so it may be the new normal price. Why a 4 pack of 1gb's vs. 1 4gb card? Because both my wife and I have 650's and last time I checked, cutting a 4gb card in half didn't get you 2 2gb's in return
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT
    eCost has a 4GB Patriot SD card for $79.,EWB09266
    4gb doesn't work with 650 still, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micael
    4gb doesn't work with 650 still, right?
    Have you looked at the FAT32 ROM modification?
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    Hey all, I just thought I would pass this deal along. I get a lot of stuff from these guys and I cant pass up a $19.99 1GB SD card. let alone 4 of them. lol. Here is the link if anyone wants to get in on the 4 day sale of 1GB SD cards, or 1GB USB Flash drives.

    Microcenter is the Company. I usually go to the store in Conschohocken, PA but since I moved I tend to use the online store a bit more unless I am in the area.
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    Why is the link

    That's fishy to me.
  13. #153, a totally reputable place, has 1 gig SD cards for $23.95, admittedly not quite as good a price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by albertb
    Why is the link

    That's fishy to me.

    Yes, odd - although MicroCenter is a real legitimate store. I go to their retail store too much

    Heres the card on their actual site:
  15. #155 has a 1gb sd card for 9.99 after rebate. The before rebate price is 39.99 with free shipping. I hate rebates too. Rebate expires the end of july.
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    We have a sticky "SD Carde Deals" thread that we try and keep these announcements in
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    $30 buy it now on eBay; $6 shipping.
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    We have a sticky for this stuff...see SD Card Deals thread....makes it easier to find
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