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    I bought one at 17.99 and it works great, then I bought one for a present at 16.99. Now they're only 15.99! How do they do it?
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    I quite like the look of the 2GB card for 34.99!
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    oh yeah! Hadn't noticed that one.
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    What's the best brand for 4gig sd cards? Im not familiar with Transcend and Adata. Kingston, Lexar and Sandisk has yet to release their big cards.
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    Anyone have any thoughts on Topram ? $50 including shipping for a 2 gig card on ebay. I've been going back and forth trying to find the CURRENT best deal on a good card but I'm clueless. I've read all these bullitons and have just confused myself even more! lol This seems to be a good card for a good price but I'm no expert.
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    I ordered the 4gb ATP ProMax Storage card from for $139 and received an unbranded 4gb card in an unsealed blister pack. When I contacted customer support I got this response:

    Thank you for ordering from us, and I apologize for the confusion. The card that you received is a Toshiba OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) memory card. Manufactured by Toshiba, and sold without any retail packaging. We buy them in bulk directly from the manufacturer, so they come unbranded, and since we sell on the Internet and we are not in a retail store, we do not stock packaging and labeling. They are 100% compatible, identical in specifications of memory capacity and data transfer rate, and will work perfectly with your system. ATP does not manufacture their own secure digital flash memory - ATP uses Toshiba-manufactured flash memory inside their cards. Please try the Toshiba memory card, and if you are unhappy with it for any reason we will be glad to give you a full refund on the item.

    Does this sound legitimate? On the web site everything is branded with a picture.
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    Wow.... No comments from all the Treo Gurus in here? Has anyone even heard of Topram? Please check 2 posts up and give some feedback. Thanks.
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    4gb 133x Patriot SD from

    $101.25 usd (as of this post) shipped to those in the newegg delivery area...

    No rebates to deal with unlike the recent Transcend deals, and Patriot has a lifetime warranty vs the 5 yr for Transcend.

    For those that care... it's been my experience to get SD cards from newegg. If you have problems getting a RMA directly from the manufacturer, newegg will handle the RMA in many circumstances.

    I have not seen anyone post they have tried this one, so I have one on order to play with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patord
    4gb 133x Patriot SD from
    Any experience with this card yet? It's come down a few $ and currently has a $7 rebate. Same link
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    1GB SD card is now 13.99 at 7DayShop!
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    just place order for Patriot Extreme Performance 2GB Secure Digital (SD) Flash Media from $61.44 it's $41.44 after $20 rebate good til 5/15/06
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrfaris
    Any experience with this card yet? It's come down a few $ and currently has a $7 rebate. Same link
    I ordered the card a day or so after my post, and it appears that when I did this new deal started with the $7 rebate. Nice.

    I just received it today. It was preformatted as FAT32. Copied my stuff off my Transcend 2gb card on to my laptop. Then copied the same contents to the Patriot 4gb. My 650 recognized the card (custom ROM with the fat32.prc mod).

    I can play mp3s via pTunes with no issues/skipping. I can run TomTom and load any of my maps with no issues. I can run the camcorder (with less then 2gb of free space) with no issues.

    VFSMark is rating my card rather slow compared to other vendor 4gb cards I've seen posted. My current score is 741. I may reformat it later and try it on a fresh format.

    Only time will tell if this card is stable...
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    Thanks for the info. It sounds better than some reports for other 4GB cards. What is the write speed you get from VFSMark?
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    I just bought a 2 gb patriot S.L. 40x from Frys for $49.99 seems to work fine on my 650 but for some reason my mac wont open it with my card reader probably something obvious I'm missing ?
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    I'm brand new to treocentral... hope these links work...

    Patriot 1gb 133x for $21.94

    Patriot 1gb 40x for $14.94

    Patriot 2gb 40x for $32.94
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    Saw it in the store last night and will probably go back tonite for it.

    PNY 1gb $39.99 - Reg price $79.99
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    you can get them for $20 at newegg
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    hmmmm... looks like $28 plus $4.81 for shipping. Good deal, thx!
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