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    I've been using PalmOS devices for a long time - started with a Palm m100 in 2000, then a Visor Prism with a GSM phone module, then a refurbished Visor Platinum with the same GSM module when Prism died.
    In a way, due to the GSM module, i had "Treo-like functionality" way before Treo.

    Well, the Platinum died too. I want to purchase a Treo 650, GSM version. Actually, two Treos, one for me and the other for my wife. But the price doesn't seem right.

    Once the Treo 700 was launched, I expected the price for the 650 to drop. Well, it didn't. The price is pretty high and I cannot take advantage of most "new user" rebates since I'm already with Cingular and I don't want to lose my existing phone number.

    So... anyone knows any rumors related to price changes for the 650?

    Any feedback regarding the refurbished 650 that were (or still are?) available on-line?

    I love the 650, it's exactly the functionality that I need, but buying a pair at the current price will bankrupt me. Any advice is appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    the price hasnt dropped yet cuz the launch of the 700w isnt a good move for everyone with a 650, esp not us on Cingular, we dont wanna leave a contract to go to Verizon just to have the 700w. so as far as Cingular is concerned, the 650 is still the latest, hottest Treo out. check out the Cingular 8125 now available, sparking up ALOT of interest from Palm fans. its WM5.
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    Cingular has them for $299 after a $100 mail in rebate. Try calling Cingular to purchase or go to a Cingular Store to see if they have any refurb's available. You can usually get them for under $200. Or try ebay to find an unlocked GSM model.

    The 700W is going after a different part of the Palm demographic. The people who want a pocket PC smartphone want the 700W. So until the 700P is released most of us on the 650 are holding out. Don't want to have to find and buy all new software to get the functionality that we have come to expect based on how each individual has customized their phone.

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