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    Cingular is migrating (hopefully the entire USA) to 3G HSPDA from the current GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS based data network.

    Does anyone know if the treo unlocked 650 will handle data through this new protocol or will it be limited to the old one?

    Is it a software upgrade or hardware or both or none at all?

    I use my Treo often for a wireless modem and this is an important question for me. It will affect all TREO 650 data users.

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    No, 650's can not handle EVDO or HDSPA. A Treo 700w is needed to do EVDO for Verizon. Neither a 700p nor a 700w has been released for Sprint.

    We don't expect a HDSPA equipped GSM 700x or 800x until at least 3rd quarter 2006.
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    No it will not. You would need a new Treo device with updated radio hardware to do this. Your Treo will still work fine with EDGE but won't be able to go faster.
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