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    Orange UK issued a press release on 1st Feb announcing a roll out of 300 EDGE sites, with 1500 planned by the end of the year.

    Orange customer services were completely clueless.

    Did some research. It is likely Orange is rolling out EDGE in areas with no 3G reception as a kind of stopgap (it has been called 2.75G). The 1500 sites mentioned in the press release are probably a fifth of the total UK.

    I read on a forum you don't have to do anything with the 650 of Orange to be connected via EDGE on the 650, it happens automatically. Can anyone confirm this? At the moment the network prefs has a single entry - GPRS.

    As far as I can tell the E symbol is disabled so you don't actually know if you are connected to EDGE , you just notice a dramatic speed increase. Does anyone know of a way of sussing this out, perhaps with a 'connection monitor' utility?

    I received a SIM update from Orange on my phone today. I wonder it has anything to do with EDGE functionality?
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    If your hardware supports it (as does the T650) then you should not have to do a thing to use EDGE. This is how it works in the states. I suppose the provider could use different APNs with different speeds if they wanted to have a multi-tiered pricing system for data though.

    I'm not aware of a utility that allows one to tell if they are on an EDGE network or not. Certainly would be nice to have.

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    Here in the states if you are in a cell that is EDGE enabled you will automatically get the higher speeds. I don't know if this will work where you are but most folks here use to see what kind of speeds they're getting.
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    Thanks for the link. I tested my current service (clearly GPRS speeds) and can now keep tabs. Orange have confirmed somewhere that EDGE is included in their data price plan along with the other available networks.
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    You should get about a 110 or so speed connection.
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    Hmm my speed test results were only 38 kbit/sec
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    That's about what I got with my GPRS. I also noticed the speed goes down dramatically when you choose the shorter tests.

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