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    Does anyone know if "Rapid" car chargers are really faster than regular car chargers?

    I just purchased another replacement charger, this time from BB but it does not say "rapid" and I was wondering if I should get one noted for fast charging. The "Wireless" model from BB seems to be kinda slow.

    This whole charger thing is becoming a pain. I have an E-bay cradle and if it is not connected JUST RIGHT, it will not charge or connect.

    This morning I had to take the 650 out to the van and connect it to be sure the charge mechanism was working since the cradle would not connect. After I checked it and brought it back and reconnected, it worked. Go figure.
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    I have never owned a car charger. For one they don't have the current limiting circuitry of the 120v models and overcharge your unit. In 1996, I bought a DC-> AC converter (Belkin) in a CompUSA store and it's been my car charger ever since. No need to buy a charger for our:

    3 digital camera's
    3 laptops
    5 cell phones
    2 ipods
    Playstation (past 2 veicles have had built in VCR's / TV's in back for kiddies)
    Passenger's gadgets

    I have even used a blender on camping trips to make Pena Colada's, coffee in a 30 cup pot and a wholo myriad of other uses.

    I figure I have saved a couple of hundred dollars with this $30 purchase.

    Her's a 350 watt job from Radio Shack

    60 watters go for around $40

    Of course if you buy a Seidio GS kit like the G2350S, the issue becomes moot.
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    Actuall Body Glove makes a rapid charger, it's got a really thick cord. But when it comes to chargers I try to stay OEM.

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