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    Does anyone know of belt clips I can use with my new Piel Frama case for my Treo 650? The one it came with has a seemingly weak spring and no "J" hook on the belt clip. I feel like at anytime, this thing is going to slide off my belt.

    I did try the clip from my OEM Motorola V400 leather case and it seemed to work. I may have to modify it, taking the "click" out, so as not to harm the button on the back of the case.

    I'll probably use this, but I was just wondering if anyone else had come across something better.

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    Heads up: follow your instinct, and locate a replacement clip. When my 650 fell to the ground the 4th time, courtesy of the PF's sorry clip, I threw the PF clip in the trash where it belongs. I was lucky, as I was indoors each time and the carpetting saved my e-buddy.

    (Have since moved to a Sena flip. Much slimmer. If I need a clip-on, I use the Sahara horizontal case. THAT sucka ain't coming off til you pull it, with gusto! )

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