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    thank you soo much for this. I just brought a Sprint treo 650 from ebay but it didn't come with the cd so

    thanks a million
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowhawk View Post
    I'm getting a refurbished 650 as a warranty replacement for my replaced-several-times 600. But it comes with just the phone--with no accessories or installation discs (at least so the CS rep from the store told me over the phone). This'll help me a lot in getting started with my new-model Treo.

    The store (at least if it's Sprint), should have CDs and manuals available to go with refurbs. My local Sprint store in Reston does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awerry View Post
    I gave my daughter my Treo 650 without the CD and she downloaded this file and unzipped it. Now she is getting an error message about some .msi file that the installer is looking for. Any ideas what she is doing wrong? Do the files have to be burned to a CD to work?

    I'm having the same problem. Anybody know what's going on?
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    I only want the cd because i need Treo Pictures and you can not download it from Palm's site. Why do they exclude this?
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    Do you have Verizon Treo 700w's CD?

    BTW Thanx for those uploads of Treo's CD. Highly appreciated for your effort to share. Greetings from Asia
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    Quote Originally Posted by Predator-1 View Post
    I'm having the same problem. Anybody know what's going on?
    From earlier in the thread:

    I finally got it to work after spending the better part of an hour on the phone with first Cingular and then PalmOne. I had to get rid of the generic Palm Desktop software that I had downloaded from I think the file name was PalmDesktopWin414e. This is the generic software that does not include the photo app or the media conduit. In order to uninstall without the error, I had to download the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility from After installing that, running it, and selecting the Palmone entry (all the way at the bottom), I rebooted, and then was able to succesfully install the Cingular version from your web site mentioned at the top of this thread.
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    Thanks for the CD!
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    I haven't gotten it yet, but I plan to get a 650 off of ebay- most don't come with the CDs, so I appreciate you doing this- have a great day!
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    Thank you for the Treo 650 CD download. I just ordered a Treo 650 from ebay. I am a new user. Are there any remedies for scratches on the screen? I just got one from ebay that was supposed to be in "Like new" condition, but the screen is scratched pretty bad.
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    Many Many Thanks...
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    thanks for the CD.
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    I appreciate the download.

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    Thanks for the link
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    Thanks for the CD's!!! Life Saver!!

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    If you need a replica of the CD-ROM for your Sprint and/or Cingular Treo 650, you can download them here. ...

    Thanks for this. A company phone and support is dismal. Even lost the original CD's (on 13 phones??!)
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    lost my install disk, this saved me on my work presentation yesterday THX BIG TIME
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    Thanks hosting the cd download
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    Thank You!!! :d
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    Thank you so much for creating these zip files! Now I can finally sync all conduits again, phew!
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    Well I downloaded the Sprint CD just fine. Upzipped it and ran the autoplay. Installer comes up but then I get an error:

    Error number: 0x80040702
    Description: Failed to load dll: HSAPI

    Any clue what this means? I am running this from my hard drive not a CD.

    Appreciate any help.

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