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    Can someone send theleetbeagle the 755p CD so he can host it? I would love to get a copy.
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    Can someone confirm that the palm desktop software that comes on the Sprint 755P Cd is the same version that comes on the Sprint 700P cd? Thanks!
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    I read in another thread that the 700p desktop works with the 755p, I have a 755p on the way and I am going to sync it to my old 700p desktop. I'll repost and let you know how it went.
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    thanks a million man. i needed this so bad. i got a refurb and no cd so this was amazing!!!! thanks,thanks, thanks! anyone have a way to flash this sprint treo 650 to metro pcs? that would be ultra awesome! you can email me at
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    Thanks for this! Just picked up a 680 off Ebay and needed the CD and I've searched all over.
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    Not sure what I am getting into here, I will have to do alot of research...wish me luck
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    Many thanks, I need docs to go bad!
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    Thank-you very much for the copy for 680. Really appreciate it. I can now download the pictures I take without having to remove the memory card.

    Now to look around and see what else id available. Would like to be able to upload mp3's onto card in phone as well without removing the card. Worried about the door breaking.

    I would like listening to my music through my single bluetooth earpiece. On must phones this is only possiblr through a stereo bluetooth headset. I have a Nokia 6275i that would play through a single, mono earpiece. Will look for that here too.

    If anybody knows off hand, please post or PM me.

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    Thank Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
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    Thanks for this! I lost my 755p CD so i'm downloading the 700p zip right now.

    You rock! If you are ever in Boston I'll buy you a Beer!
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    you the man, man. been needing these for a while now.
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    Hello all,
    I am new to this forum, and very new to the palm treo 680 that I received for Christmas, so please forgive my ignorance in these questions, lol. I'm learning as I go, as I am not really literate when it comes to computers or smart phones. But I did not receive the CD with my phone, and I saw the links above. but when I clicked on them, it said to put in my VPD or something like that, and I have no idea what that is. I also am having a problem with duplicate contacts in my contacts list, and I can not seem to open the copies to delete, so I have no idea how to get them gone. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    The VPD or whatever is simply a CAPTCHA, you need to type those letters (or whatever letters show up) in the box next to them so prove to the website that you are not a spambot. They just prove you're human.
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    Groovy Treo 750 files.
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    Thank You!

    I just downloaded the Treo 650 for Verizon CD.
    I have not installed the programs on the PC yet. If I run into some problem, I will be requesting for help. Thanks Again.
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    Thanks! Downloaded the Sprint 700P
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    thanks a million man. i needed this, so thanks,thanks, thanks!
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    Hello, hopefully you can help me out with this. I bought a treo 650 from my friend. it is an unlocked phone,he has used t-mobile with it. I also have friend does not have the software cd that comes with it. now my problem is i cant use the web or anything like that because i dont have the cd. what do i do now. ive talked to treo support and they said i need the disc so my comp will recognize the one seems like they can help.I would like to be able to access the web and email accounts but i cant seem to do it without that disc. do you have any idea what i should do now?im ready to smash the dam thing.I would appreciate any help you can give me. it asks me to fill out a new account but unfortunatly i dont have the password any ideas please help me b4 i smash this thing
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    You mean you can't use the web on the Treo itself? The CD won't help with that. You do need the CD (which should be hosted here. If I don't have T-mobile, try sprint or verizon's copy) for Windows to recognize the phone for syncing, though. check or for a copy, too.

    But to browse the web via Blazer or whatever, you don't need any additional software.

    Where does "it" ask you to fill out a new account?
    Treo 300 (x2), 600 (x3), 650 (x6), 700p (ROM'd to 755p)
    My Custom Black-Tie 700p
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    Lost Your Treo 300/600/650/680/700/750 CD? Download them here.

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