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    I cannot believe this. I sent my 650 back to Palm because the stereo jack was failing.
    They charged me $25 to send out a new unit.
    The new unit comes and i get a unknown app error+ hardware problem.
    SO I call back. My new unit arrived today again. Guess what.......
    The Handset on the speaker phone doesn't work.

    I have to use a BT headset all the time till I get another new one.

    This is rediculous.
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    woww..thats tough least you'll know you have the hottest fone out (eventually)
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    They don't send out new units, they are "refurbished"
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    They need a new refurbishing crew. They are the worst
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    It's not right to try to palm off (no pun intended, really!) their old crap on people needing support/replacement. If they are going to send off refurbs, then they really ought to be remanufactured to "new" status. Just passing the trash is shoddy business practice and not the kind of thing to engender customer loyalty. Eventually, this kind of thing will bite them on the ****, and when customers abandon ship for something else, and the board is sitting around trying to figure out what happened, I want to lean into the boardroom and say, "It's because you people suck."
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    No kidding. This is now my 12 replacment treo 650. How hard is it to test a device before it leaves the shop.
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    How long before they start calling refurbs "Certified Pre-Owned"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    How long before they start calling refurbs "Certified Pre-Owned"?
    or "Certified POC"
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    I can totally agree with this. unfortunately My Treo had a problem, send it to Palm, got it back damaged... And are now already in the third week of discussion who's to blame...

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