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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoRenegade
    Warning: MantraGroup, the folks behind Causerie, has been missing in action for months, in terms of any hint of support. They also make CallShield, a fine app, but dead in the water as regards the 650. For good measure, they also killed their forums, which also killed self-help endeavors. They only seemed to materialize when their latest app was unveiled a few weeks ago. I've replaced CallShield, and am now looking for a Causerie replacement. Thanks for the heads up re VeriChat, as I refuse to go near any MantraGroup app again.
    Dear TreoRenegade,

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I have sent you a Private message. Please go through that message and accept my apology. I hope you so. Also please mail me the problems that you had regarding with Causerie to the following address. I will solve your problems as soon as possible.

    Support team member,
    MantraGroup Inc.
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    Darn it. Just tried using Verichat and found similiar license expiry as above. Went to website and am unable to find link to renew it either

    Did quick search and found a new Palm programme called Mobile Instant Messenger 4.0. What is attractive is it claims to support Google Talk as well but is that same as Gmail chat which I use? Will try download trial later this evening and see. Seems that it has only been released today! Cost 16 is pricy but worthwhile is it works as well as Verichat did
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    I mostly enjoyed WebMessenger. Here were some of my observsations while trying it -- I was evaluating it against Causerie, to see whether I'd just jump ship and use WM instead:

    • Really liked how it manages buddies and groups. Better than Causerie or Verichat.
    • Didn't like how the changes I made to buddy lists and groups didn't get seen by the native applications or other clients... as if it wasn't actually updating that information in the IM services themselves.
    • Wasn't particularly fond of how it came out of background mode. It seemed to actually reinitialize the entire UI whenever I switched back to it, which sometimes created interesting situations when I was trying to resume a chat session after it'd been in the background.
    • Vibrate notification of messages never worked on my 680.
    • Didn't have an option to autorecover the connection at startup, at least that I could find.
    So, all things considered, I wound up sticking with Causerie... at least for now.
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    Sammy McLoughlin of Palm Addicts was recommending IM+ in a recent posting.
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    I'm beginning to think NONE of the IM programs work very well. Verichat was my favorite, but still crashed my 650 pretty often . I can't find anything to use on the 680...
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    Yes, I had similar behavior on my 650 with Verichat as well. But seeing how much better the 680 is with more memory, I wonder now if that was the big issue I was having. Sadly, with Verichat only having 9 months to live, it's not worth it to me to transition to it.

    Meantime, I've actually been very pleased overall with Causerie. They were having some serious stability problems with their servers, but that has been significantly improved lately. My only other beef with them is that we don't see more new software builds coming from them -- I expect VoIP is their big focus now, and I don't like feeling left out in the cold.

    And while there were things I didn't like about WebMessenger it did work well and didn't crash. Similarly, I find that most of the reason I didn't stick with IM+ or others is that I found their UI objectionable in some way or another. And considering some of the feedback I've made regarding parts of the Causerie UI, that's saying a lot.

    IM is definitely one of those app spaces where you have to find the right balance of trade-offs. There definitely isn't a ChatterEmail in the IM space for PalmOS.
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    Are the IM program developers abandoning these apps because the individual mail services are beginning to offer mobile chat options of their own? It seems to be a pattern (Verichat, ChitChat, Causerie) to see the IM apps' support MIA...
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    IM+ never worked right for me - it never kept me logged on and kept reseting my 700p and 680 - I am using VC for now until my sub expires in Sept
    Cingular 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Are the IM program developers abandoning these apps because the individual mail services are beginning to offer mobile chat options of their own? It seems to be a pattern (Verichat, ChitChat, Causerie) to see the IM apps' support MIA...
    I don't know that it's that specifically. If i had to choose one cause it'd probably be lack of profitability or margin on these products/services. At the end of the day, these folks need to turn a profit to keep their business running.

    My biggest fear now is that since Palm OS (Garnet, Frankengarnet, whatever you want to call it) is dead that developers are now going to target the most profitable platform. And in lieu of any good alternative, that's gonna be WM. Even if the newly launched ALP, or whatever palm still has yet to pull out of it's sphincter, is successful it will still take quite a while before it can be proven as a profitable alternative.
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