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    I am grandfathered in the $10 unlimited Vision/data plan with sprint - 20 bucks cheaper than Cingular. I dont need rollover, 90% of the people I call regularly are on Sprint. So I dont have an issue with minutes.

    Also, I dont have a traditional landline phone at home. The Treo is it. Unlimited nights (7pm), Weekends, and unlimited data.
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    list is long....

    Email (push)
    IM (verichat)
    Software downloads
    Movie times
    TV listing times
    Google search
    Flight Status
    Cingular 680
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apanther
    I am grandfathered in the $10 unlimited Vision/data plan with sprint - 20 bucks cheaper than Cingular.
    ? I am paying $20 for unlimited.....20-10 = 10. When I signed up, here's what I was looking at:

    Cingular - $60 for my voice plan (850 min), $20 for data +$10 x 3 for wife and 2 kids phones on family plan
    Sprint - $70 for my voice plan (800 min), $15 for data +$10 x 3 for wife and 2 kids phones on family plan

    So Sprint was $5 more for 50 less minutes. Neither was an issue tho at those small numbers. For me it was:

    1. Cingular has better reception in my area.
    2. GSM gets 50% more battery life.
    3. GSM phones can switch SIMs.

    I really wanted to make Verizon work since I have another Verizon phone in car (OnStar) and one bill woulda been nice but the reception just doesn't do well out here in eastern LI. In fact I haven't made a call on the Verizon phone in almost a year.
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    Well, It sounds like you have a pretty good set up for you. I get a corporate discount at Sprint that pretty much sealed the deal for me, 20% off all plan prices. You definitely have to get the best plan for your usage and your area.

    My house is one of the most difficult areas to get reception, but I found out it's not a Sprint/Cingular thing. Its the phone. Ever since I got my 650, I have experienced better reception and with bluetooth, I can leave the phone in the area that gets solid reception and walk around.
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    yeah i have really crappy reception in my house..i use the same bluetooth trick as you

    anyways..i finally got the data plan..and now i dont know what to do with it looking to use it mostly around the dead hours at work..are there any streaming video sites for mobile phones?
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    2 words...

    Never worry about filling up your SD card with mp3's again and perhaps the biggest cool factor I get outta my treo.
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    Virtual Remote Desktop
    Stream Radio Station
    Read and Post to TreoCentral ***
    But not using the phone while I doing any of the above, you voice become unusable while using data on sprint.
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    Before I had broadband I used pdanet nonstop. Then I signed up for cable, now I vnc into my computer to start/stop torrents, upload one of my 8000 mp3's to my ftp site to download onto the treo, etc.

    I drive bus cross country so I use it while driving the bus to get local weather, destination addys/ph #'s (treo has saved my *** numerous times)

    read this forum and my own ( while on the road.

    Was also gfathered in at $10/mo... My plan is below.

    Treo 300 (x2), 600 (x3), 650 (x6), 700p (ROM'd to 755p)
    My Custom Black-Tie 700p
    Sprint, 750 AT, Unl N/W @ 7pm, Unl Roaming/Power Vision/Pix/Txt/M2M, $46/mo.
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    Good for reading news, checking sports scores, reading treocentral, and I can't believe no one else said it - Porn on the go!
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Oh look, another Sprint troll. Cingular charges $20 for unlimited data. $5 more than Sprint.
    He was not a troll. Sprint is currently running a Sprint Employee Referral Offer. If an employee gets 5 people to sign up, they get around $100.

    The Treo 650 is $299.99 and the base plan is $30/month for 500 minutes and INCLUDES the data package. (2 year contract)

    You have to provide a valid Sprint employee's email address so they will get credit. Goto the Sprint user forum and ask for an email.

    Plan details are at\sero
    Entering a fake email ( will let you look at the offer details (phones and plans).
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    Become a freelance photo journalist: Scoopt is an online service that acts as an agency for people with camera phones. They take news videos, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColKurtz
    The biggest reason I use my data is as a modem for my laptop. I'm often stuck in clients offices or other locations without wireless, so I can't live without PDANet.

    Other than that, I don't use data as much as I thought. I'll read the news during lunch or something, update weather, occasionally use DA, but that's about it.
    Two things:

    1) I find myself using the heck out of Handmark's Pocket Express. Maybe it's because it's new (to me), but twice in the last week its map feature has saved me from being lost, and at $1.50 a pop for 411, using Pocket Express for 411 info more than 3 times a month pays for itself. Plus, I like having news, scores, and weather at my fingertips without worrying about syncing for AvantGo, etc. I have their MobiTV installed too, which is pretty cool, but I think I probably won't continue it after this month -- I just don't have time to sit around and watch TV on my Treo (so it's not worth the $10 a month to me), but it's pretty cool.

    2) I also use my phone as a modem (bluetooth) and it works quite well, albeit a little slow compared to broadband. Just be SURE if you use your phone in this way that you have PDANet and not just MediaNet, or you will quickly (as soon as you get your bill) be sorry. (This is if you have Cingular. I don't know how the other plans work.)

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    I use wireless data to schedule TV shows to be recorded on my Linux-based DVR (MythTV) at home.
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    Unlimited data plan here is $40 through Dobson Cellular one.

    $60 through alltel, although it's going down to $40 this Friday.
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    Web surfing
    Instant messaging
    Text Messaging
    Streaming radio stations
    Streaming home audio
    Viewing home video security (by text message, email, web viewing), BTW, I wish someone would make a webcam viewer...beside WorldCam.
    RSS feeds and Podcasts
    Weather reports
    Control home automation system
    Control iTunes
    Airline schedules
    Download software
    Send photos to photoblog and by email
    Directory assistance

    I'm sure there's more...just can't think right now
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    Weather, Movie showtime, Traffic and map/direction can be obtained on the road.
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    I see that on the Cingular Web site the Treo does not have a check mark for MEdia Net just one for PDA Net what is the difference? Can I still get the MEdia net? the PDA net is not even listed in my options to add service.
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    ^ Yes and No. It really depends on the rep that you talk to at Cingular.

    Check out this post for more details:
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    Another 2 cents.....

    email (push...instant notification)
    web searches etc. on the go
    and the treo as internet connection/modem for my laptop (dun)...this is real handy if I want to get online with my laptop. So long as I have phone laptop has an internet connection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kellannah
    I see that on the Cingular Web site the Treo does not have a check mark for MEdia Net just one for PDA Net what is the difference? Can I still get the MEdia net? the PDA net is not even listed in my options to add service.
    CSR's will assume that you need VPN and point you to PDA plan....just rell thenm you don't need it and they will give you unlimited plan.....or just to avoiid getting a doofis, add it yourself via the web site
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