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    I have a problem with mRing 3.2. When I set the ring tone for "Known caller" to say "Unique" and "Unknown Caller" to something different like "Ring Ring", my phone rings all the same "Unique" ring tone no matter whether it's from a known or unknown caller. How do you make this thing actually ring different tones for known and unknown callers? Anyone else having this problem? I did a search for mRing and noticed people had various issues, but not on this exact problem that I could find.

    Otherwise, I really like mRing's feature of being able to vibrate 2 (or more) times, before it actually rings in an increasingly louder (ascending) ring volume. Very cool! I find this useful since I have my Treo in my pance pocket all the time, and can now both feel vibration and/or hear ring tones from a call. I can now answer phone calls within the first 2 vibrations so that nobody knows I'm receiving a phone call...very nice!
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    I just added about 500 contacts to Outlook, and after syncing those contacts to my Treo I have noticed that my Known Caller ringtone will ring for unknown callers (people not in my contacts). It's intermitent though - some unknown numbers will ring with the correct ringtone.

    I also am having intermitent ringtone volume increases - some calls seem loud enough to blow the speaker. I've noticed this problem since upgrading to 3.2.
    Hopefully this is on their list on fixes for the next version...
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    I emailed tech support at Motion Apps about my problem. The reply I got back wasn't very helpful. Essentially, they told me to make sure that all my contacts are in the Palm's contact app, and not in a 3rd party app. All my contacts are using Palm's internal contact application, but I still have the problem of Known and Unknown callers all having the same ring tone for Known callers. Seems like it should be a no brainer to make it ring correctly, but maybe there is a glitch somewhere.

    At this point, I've given up on this problem, and will leave it alone for now. I really like the feature of vibrating a couple times before ringing, and I find this very useful. Additionally, I also like being able to assign any MP3 music song for a caller...this feature works fine.


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