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    is there anyway to go from 1.20 ENA back to Cingular.......

    I have tried the ROM restore tool, ROM beta tool, and even tried the SD method but nothing......

    Tokenwriter's not working neither......

    And with the not sure exactly what to do with it......

    if anyone has gone back to a specific carrier software from unlocked GSM software, please help.........

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    I'm looking for the same guide - have had way too many funky problems in my service area with the 1.20 update. Once I get out to rural areas, 1.20 gives me 'Searching for Network' continuously, although I can usually make calls. However coverage has degraded from what I was used to.
    Jer 23:29
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    You will have to go back to an older CNG version. One of them will let you install over ROW. I can't remember which one. . . Then you can upgrade to the latest CNG.
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    Does anyone remember which older version of Cingular I could use to overwrite a ROW software?


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