For the few folks that had to RMA their SD cards, I - and I'm sure others - are curious as to how these SD manufacturers are when it comes to the RMA process. Specifically when you have to deal with them directly and NOT the vendor you bought the card from (eg, Newegg or ZZF).

I figure the big names are probably ok. eg, Sandisk.

How about the smaller fries like:

2. ATP
3. Corsair
4. Patriot
5. Ritek
6. Transcend

Add on if you wish.

I have not had to RMA one ... yet. On a Canon digital camera forum I go to... Corsair seems very responsive to RMA claims. Ritek had the worst with RMA responses being "when we get replacements in stock, we'll process it". Most of the SD threads here at TC are hard to determine if the RMAs went to the vendor or the manufacturer. So I wanted a dedicate thread for this.

Some use the various threads for SD compatibility issues to make a buying decision, I'm planning to add this dimension to the mix... by how the manu responds to warranty claims.