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    I just upgraded my 600 to 650 today. I have been using snapper for mail. The set up also set up versimail. I have double checked my email account info in both snapper and versimail. I getting a unable to est. PPP connection. How do I fix it. I have been able to use teh web, phone and send/ recieve an sms already. I have idea how to fix this.
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    Hi lizdc!

    How did you upgrade to the 650? A direct hotsync to your 600 userid?

    If so:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    yes. is this casuing teh problem. What is the fix. I knew that upgrading wasn't going to be this easy.
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    Could be the problem, 600 settings brought forward to the 650 causes the 650 to do all sorts of strange things.

    I already posted the fix in an edit of my prior post.

    See if that cures the problem, but you DO WANT TO DO IT ANYWAY, for other issues will come up if you don't.

    Cheers, Perry

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