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    NEVERMIND! I figured it out. Even after emptying trash, the app keeps track of the messages until they dissapear from the inbox of the mail server they were retrieved from. Once I archived/deleted/moved from inbox those messages on the server, the empty trash progress bar went back down.

    I'm running SnapperMail Premier Edition, Version

    I delete a bunch of emails, they go to the trash. Then when I say "Empty Trash" it pops up a progress bar, "Discarding From Trash: 1/10" and the bar progresses through 2/10, 3/10 up until 10/10 when the trash is completely empty.

    Now I look in the trash folder and nothing is there, but if I issue an Empty Trash command again, it does the same progress bar and takes just as long as the first time.

    Then, lets say I get another 15 emails which I send to trash. When I say Empty Trash, the progress bar starts at 1/25! And goes all the way through.

    My trash can is empty right now, but if I "empty trash" I currently get a progress bar that goes up to 130!

    How do I fix this?
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