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    I'm sure I've seen some threads about this, but I've searched all around and I'm mostly seeing the ability to record ringtones being taken, stuff like that, but nothing like I'm seeing.

    If I set a Speed dial, and set a ringtone, the default ring is played when that person calls. I've verified it at home, the correct text shows up (like setting the speed dial name to "Home Test") but the system wide Known Caller ring plays, not the one I set. I think it's happening for any ringtone I set, but I was trying one I recorded so I might have just been trying it.

    Anyone remember anything like this, or have any solutions besides buying one of the ringtone manager type programs?

    I'm using 1.28 ROW.
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    This is a known issue that only midi sounds work with 1.28 ROW for favorites. This is fixed in the 1.71/1.20 ENA firmware.
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    Thanks for the concise answer. Now I gotta grind my teeth about the 1.71FW some more. I don't want the hassle that seems to be associated

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