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    Hi guys,

    I really hope someone here can give me some advice. I upgraded my Treo 650 from 1.13 ROW to 1.20 ENA a few days after the official update came out. I followed Palm's instructions to the letter, and everything seemed to work ok. Since then, however, the phone has been freezing and reseting more and more frequently, to a point where today it froze up twice and rebooted for no apparent reason (just sitting on the table) two more times. As best as I can tell, the problems seem to be related to going in and out of coverage, which happens often in the building where I work. While I was running 1.13, the phone would freeze up occasionally if chatter was connected and I ended up being in places without a signal for longer periods of time, but this was pretty infrequent (once a month maybe). Since I loaded 1.20, it has become a daily issue, often several times a day, and whether the data connection is on or not. Sometimes, I can't turn the phone on at all and I have to reset it to get it to do anything. Other times it turns on, but then freezes immediately after that. And today, on two occasions when I turned on the Treo, the phone was off, and it would not allow me to turn it back on, saying that there was not enough power to turn on the radio. My battery was at 80%. After a soft reset, the radio turned on normally.

    So, I am stumped. Should I try to reinstall 1.20, or somehow go back to 1.13? Anything else I could try? I have not installed any new applications in months, other than updating Chatter, and the phone worked perfectly fine before the firmware update (other than the very occasional freezes when out of coverage). Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a Cingular-branded phone, currently running 1.20 ENA on Cingular's network. The CarrierDB is 255. Standard ROM, 13 MB free in RAM, no application conflicts that I know of.

    Thanks for any help,

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    I don't have anything but to suggest that if you do decide to Run the Update again, which wouldn't be that big a deal anyway. Start by first downloading the Update from internet again. May be of no benifit. But that way you've eliminated 2 possibilities.
    Sorry no real answer.
    Maybe more replies will come in.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Consider doing a hard reset and reinstalling all your third paty s/w. Remember to rename your backup folder so you won't inadvertently reinstall a potentially problematic line of s/w. Palm is disgustingly unhelpful when it comes to owning up to this problem or offering useable solutions.

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