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    I just got my TomTom GPS yesterday and love it. The only thing I noticed is that the speakerphone won't stay active while the Treo is in the cradle. Is there a reason for this? Anyone else experience this?
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    Mine is active, for TomTom. I have twice troubleshooted why the sound wasn't working, looking for obscure settings int he menus and soft / warn resetting. Then I check the sound mute switch and realize that while pressing the Treo town into the cradle I inadvertently hit teh switch. Once was like duh but the 2nd time I really embarrassed myself.

    Keep in mind the thing won't talk unless it has something for you to do.

    Now if you are trying to use the speakerphone for some other activity while using TT, then I can't help ya as I have never tried it. I use a BT headset while driving.
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    Yeah, I'm talking about the speakerphone. I can hear the voice commands fine, but when I turn on the speakerphone, it turns itself off in two seconds.
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    Turn on the speaker to do what ? Are you initiating a phone call and trying to hold a conversation thru it while TT is running ? To make a call you have to close TT, then restart it..... I created a favorite on the phone screen to restart TT. Incoming calls are handled by the BT headset....the call comes in, the phone screen comes up and then after the call phone screen disappears and TT comes back w/o any input from me. I have never tried to attempt to use the speaker to handle an incoming phone call . I would imagine that, since TT hasn't really closed, two programs can't access the same hardware at the same time.
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    ok that makes sense. I guess I didnt realize that TT would resume immediatly after the call is answered. i thought I waits until after the call ends. Thanks for the clarification.
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    I must not have been clear....when I say "after the call" I mean after the call terminates, the screen comes back.

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