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    I've searched and haven't found anything. I just got MRing and I want lots of ringers. Where do I download them? IE: Kill Bill music, etc.... Thanks for the help.
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    Thanks for the reply. How about the best paid site. I'm looking for Kill Bill sounds.
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    Just so you know, it is rather easy to make your own and convert them to qcp format. Then you just SMS them to yourself from your home email. Or go to freeringers,net and pay a lifetime membership fee to relay them to your phone.
    Here is a simple quide to convert to QCP (some of you may prefer a different format):

    first off, this site creats text to speach wave files. Really cool for personal ringtones...

    now for the guide:

    You'll need an application to convert the MP3 or CD to a WAV file. I suggest this free tool:
    dBpowerAmp Converter 10.1 (Download and install it)

    You'll also need PureVoice for QCP conversion:
    PureVoice Converter (No installation. Right click "Save Target As...")

    Conversion Steps:

    1. Let's assume you're converting a file named "test.mp3" for this guide. Insert your own file name instead. Run dBpowerAmp and select the "test.mp3" file and click "Open".

    2. Change the drop downs to be "Wave", "16 Bit (CD)", "8000 Hz", and "1 'Mono'" (no reason for stereo).
    Click "Convert >>" and once it's completed click "Finished" and you'll have a file named "test.wav" in the same directory as the MP3 source file (or in the C:\Converted Music\ directory).

    3. Open the Windows Sound Recorder (included with Windows) and open the "test.wav" file created in step 3 (if you can't find Sound Recorder, Start->Run->"sndrec32"->OK).
    Ringtones shouldn't be longer than 30 seconds and cell phones have limited memory. Therefore, shorten it to 30 seconds or less. You can also crop it so it starts at the beginning of the choirs. To crop the audio clip, use the "Edit" menu to "Delete Before Current Position" or "Delete After Current Position".

    4. Click the "File" menu and select "Save" which will overwrite the "test.wav" file.

    5. Grab and drag the icon for "test.wav" and drop it on top of the PureVoice icon "pvconv". It will convert and create a new file named "test.qcp", almost like magic.

    6. SMS the file to yourslef, email it, or relay it. There are many options to get the files to your phone.

    I did get those instructions from the web site. Hope it helps some.
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    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronbo2000
    Can my 650 play these (barryandalyssa-AMR) ringtones without added software?
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    Thanks guys, lot's of help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherNov
    Can my 650 play these (barryandalyssa-AMR) ringtones without added software?
    I have not tried this one but I will give it a try and tell you.
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    Hello All:

    I have a Treo600, and I realize this is a little behind the times, but, I am now waiting for the Treo700p (if that is what they are going to call it).

    Right now I have SMS, Wireless Sync E-Mail and I think something else, but I can't remember right now, however, my problem is, the SMS and the Wireless Sync E-Mail both have the same Ring Tone and I have been unable to find how or why this is.

    It seems whatever I change, changes both of them. Can this be done with a program such as Ringo or am I just stuck? Can this be done without Ringo?

    Thanks for any help....I wish the two tones were different....
    Craig M.
    Former Treo600 User
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    Try above suggestions. Use Ringo or other third party software for MP3 as ringtone.
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    Or you could just turn Kill Bill up really loud, and record the specific part you want to use directly with your Treo. That's what I would do, anyway. Just go to preferences, sounds and alerts, then on the 'tones' screen you should the a button labeled as 'new'. Just click that and you can record whatever external sounds you want and you them as ringtones. It's pretty simple, the only problem is that if you have Sprint and the newest ROM update they took that option out. There's a way to add it back, however. Which carrier do you use?
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    I got it! Awesome! I record sounds to my computer with Total Recorder, convert them to MP3, then move them to SD card. MRing manages all of them. Anything can be a ringer. Thanks for all the help.
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    The site is no longer available. It was when I suggested it.

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