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    I use Verichat and always connected using SMS. I have unlimited SMS and Vision for free so SMS and data is not a problem for me. SMS is one feature I like about Verichat. Unfortunately it's the only one I know that has this feature with a nice looking interface. I think Causerie has the same thing but the interface I cant stand for some reason. The bad side for these 2 are the yearly renewal fees.

    Does Toccer have SMS as an option?
    are you using VC with Chatter always on? If so any conflicts?

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    Toccer is data only. I run Chatter and Verichat at the same time without any errors. I do run into, though not often an error that says all the sockets are full and to disconnet something, and I know why it happens. I have along with Chatter and Verichat, I have the Wireless sync app from VZW running and I browse the web. So you can max out the Treo my doing to much, but if you are just gonna do Chatter and Verichat no problems and that is even if you run Verichat in data mode. You can always put it in SMS mode and have no problems at all.
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    I just downloaded Toccer...and so far, I love it...Verichat & other IM clients have reset my phone before, with partial or total data loss. With Toccer, I can go online when I need, then go offline when I do not want Toccer running. With the my IM's being forwarded to my phone, I can still get IM messages through SMS and then run Toccer to carry on a further conversation...not a bad deal! AWESOME program!
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    I have both toccer and chatter on my Treo, but I usually leave toccer off, unless I'm actively chatting. It seems to use up way too much juice to leave em both up and running. once and
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    personally, toccer rocks my socks off
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