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    Can anyone help me out. I tried some MP3 ringtones with LightWav but the MP3s start on the second ring for some reason.
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    I know has midi ringtones for the treo600 and I paid $7.00 for 6 months of unlimited ringtones and the best part is the will go right your phone. It's not MP3 but polyphonic.
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    If you have the midi's in a folder on your SD card you can use Blazer to install them as follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by alex_mathews

    Another option, I've been meaning to add is a method to load a midi file from the SD card. In Blazer, you should be able to enter the URL, file:///path/to/file.mid.

    For example:

    File not in a directory:


    File in a directory:


    File in a subdirectory:


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