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    I was able to set up my gmail account with versamail, and it seems to be working fine. I did hav eone little quirk, may not even be fixable. I had soem emails come in, and I checked them on the computer. I read, and deleted them. When I got on my Palm, though, they came through as new messages. Is there any way to get the versamail to only get unread messages?
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    Are you sure they didn't come across before you deleted them?
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    I did a search and found an earlier set up thread that had some screen shots of the setup. In theirs, there is a check box for "get unread only", which mine doesn't seem to have.
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    Well, in doing some more searching, I found that possibly this was an update to versamail with one of the firmware updates. I wonder if anyone has found a go around yet.
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    The only thing I can think of that would cause that is if the email are still in gmail, maybe in the archived section or something.

    When you checked them on the computer, did you actually go to or use an email client (outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, etc.).
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    Well, I just tried it. Sent 2 messages from another email, deleted them and tried to check them with versamail. After 3 timeouts (delay in server communication) and a reset, it checked it. The deleted messages did not show up. So, I tried again with 2 messages, archiving one and leaving another in the inbox. Another timeout, another reset (is this what I am going to have to have every time?) Now, even though they have been read, and one archived, they still show up!
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    also, dumb question, but does versamail stay connected to the net after it checks the mail, or does it disconnect after checking?
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    I think sometimes it stays connected. The arrows are green, at least on mine, for a while after getting and exiting the program. They go away after a while, but I've never really looked to see how long.

    As for all the resetting, I'm not sure what that's all about. I've never had any problems as far as stability goes with Versamail and Gmail.

    And, if you have the pop settings to all email, it will download it, even if it's been read. That's how I have mine so that when I get home, Thunderbird can download it and store it on my computer. If you don't use an email client at home, you can probably do without that option.

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