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    Recently, my PC crashed. Reloaded all my apps including outlook 2003. My 650 still had all my contact/calendar info in it so figured I'd hotsynch and download all the data to outlook and I'd be set to go.

    Well, I found out the hard way that the default setting for hotsych is for the desktop to overwrite the handheld. So when I used hotsych, it wiped out all of the data in my phone. No error message. No, are you sure you want to destroy everything. Just zap!

    Guess I was used to my previous phone which was Pocket PC and it would ask you what you wanted to do . My bad...........

    Anyway, first question is does anyone know how I can restore the data that is still in my phone somewhere lurking around in the memory?

    Second question is that I notice my phone log (which fortunately I had set to never erase) still has the contact info associated with the phone numbers. So as a second choice, is there a way to download the phone log in to Outlook 2003 so that it would see the data?

    I'm guessin probably no on both counts, but I lost so much, I thought I'd ask.

    And am I missing this or if you have an existing appt on your desktop and you make a change on your treo and synch them up, are your only choices is that either your phone is right all the time (and so it overwrites the desktop appt) or your desktop is right (which causes it to over wright your phone)?

    When Pocket pc saw a change on either side, it would always ask you what you wanted to do. That's what I'd like to have and it sure would have saved me a lot of grief. But maybe this feature is there and I just didn't know how to use it.

    I'm willing to buy software or whatever takes to get the data back.

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    1. Before you start, plz buy BackUpBuddyVFS, the equivalent from Resco or whomever. The make backups to your SD card.

    2. So we know you had no Palm backups.....any PC backups ? f so, you can restore your contacts app info from there. If not, always make a backup to your contacts proram data. I use Lotus Organizer and the *.org file is backed up daily to another machine. You can export a file to a *.vcf file for example which PalmDesktop can then import.

    If you have no PC backups than I suggest you get a program like Stomp BackupMy PC to handle this by backing up to a network drive, external drive, USB thumb drive, DVD / CD, tape drive or whatever. If you use PD, you can simply copy the db files to a floppy or CD.

    3. The "default" hotsync conduit setting is "synchronize the files". The only time one would change it that I can imagine is when doing a ROM upgrade. Perhaps you forgot to change it back after doing a ROM update ?
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    Regarding the default setting for hotsync, I had to reload the app just like I did for the rest of my apps. I found my cd and installed it. I then immediately went to synch up so I could get the data from my phone back into Outlook. After the synch wrapped up, I looked in Outlook and noticed there was no data. I was puzzled and then looked at my phone and all the data was gone in my phone.

    When I looked at the setup of hotsych, it was set to desktop overwrites handheld. This was after a fresh install from the Sprint CD so have to assume that's the default setting.

    I know what I can do going forward but no other thoughts on how to recover? Thanks for your input.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick_dallas
    When I looked at the setup of hotsych, it was set to desktop overwrites handheld. This was after a fresh install from the Sprint CD so have to assume that's the default setting.
    That depends.....did you reformat hard drive after crash or just do a repair ? If a repair or install over, the old settings file would still remain on your hard drive and when you reinstalled PD off the CD over the old installation, it would see a file with a date newer than the one on the CD on the hard drive and use that one.
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    Unfortunately, it was a format and reload everything from scratch.......
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    Hmmmm now that is odd....mine defaulted to "synchronize the files"
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    Just to get back on topic, what I'd really like to know (my original question) is if anyone knows how to restore the data either from memory or knows how to take the info from the phone log and export to Outlook 2003.
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    If you don't mind the work, or some expense many computer repair places can recover data (like a pst file) from under the new format. You can try this yourself. I used an external USB hard drive and a program called Recover My Files on my bosses old computer and was able to pull a lot of info from it even though it had been reformatted and a new OS installed.

    This is why govt employees in secure positions are told to destroy old hard drives.
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    The is a program that extracts the call logs. I don't remember what it is called. I read it here at TC awhile back. You might do some more searching and that might get you some data back.
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    Yea, actually I have "Recover my Files" and have it successfully in the past. Unfortunately, the PST file was hosed and I could only retrieve bits and pieces of it.

    I will do a search on the forum to see if I can locate this log extraction software.

    Thanks for your input.

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