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    any good sites? thanks!
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    NIV is copyrighted, so I doubt you'd find it free- legally at least. And as they say- if you have to steal a Bible, you obviously need it more than me! Since King James is not copyrighted, there may be versions of that available for free. I had the free KJV version for a while, then decided to cough up the bucks for the NIV.

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    I use, but I don't know of any treo friendly versions.
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    As duanedude1 said, the NIV is copyrighted, so I doubt you'll find a legit free copy anywhere. has a it in a number of bundles at different price points (see this link). You can also get Zondervan's version at Handango here. That's what I use mainly because it came out before OliveTree started selling it.
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    I'm perfectly OK with stealing an NIV bible because I think Zondervan is greedy. If I can buy a $10 version at a store why does it cost $25 to buy an electronic version?
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    I do hope you aren't serious. I agree it doesn't make sense for a print version to be less expensive than an electronic version but remember that whomever wrote the reader software is deserveadly getting a cut as well.
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    (if you have unlimited data, and a strong signal, you can browse many versions and commentaries).
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    I could send you a copy of what I have. Its the NWT.
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    Couldn't help myself.
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