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    I'm currently on a limited data plan with Cingular (20 Mb Data Connect) but have heard that Treo's are compatible with the MEdia Net network which offer unlimited access for less than what I pay for the 20 Mb/mo plan. Does anyone have any experience running Chatter on the MEdia Net network?
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    Running the Treo with MEdia Net is a great way to save money. It works wonderfully and will not give you any problems. However, getting the plan might be a challenge because the MEdia Net programs are only to be used for non-PDA or Blackberry phones on the Cingular network. Try to sign up for the MEdia Net unlimited plan (about $20/month) online first. If that does not work, you will have to call a rep and have them add it for you. If you have one available, you might try moving your sim card into a non-PDA or Blackberry phone and then going to a cingular store to add the feature. If you show them a "normal phone", you shouldn't have any problem having it added, and then you can switch your sim back to the Treo.

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    I'm running a T650 on media net with no problems. Working great!
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    I added MediaNet unlimited thru the web via "my account" / "my fetaures". However I have twice had reps fix it when they started charging me $5 extra. On one occassion they "suggested" that I use the PDA plan with my Treo but I said that I don't need VPN so the answer I got was the MediaNet was good then.

    The "You need a PDA plan" line you sometimes get from CSR's comes from peeps who signed up for MediaNet and then called to complain that they couldn't access corporate e-mail. Since the Treo is "capable" of doing this, CSR's have been instructed to advice their customers accordingly.
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    I have MediaNet....or actually the former Media Works Unlimited. Works great with Chatter.
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    Thanks Jester... great advice. My wife has a Razr, so I think I'll try that route to avoid the lectures! :-)
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    You can do this yourself online and not have to deal with anyone. Just FYI.

    Sign on to "my account" and just make the change there. Many people have done it this way...
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    Just did it on-line! I'm a free man! Thanks everyone. :-)

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