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    Treo keeps reseting using Versamil.
    Can someone help me ? When using versamail everytime I select SENT folder the phone soft resets. I can't access the folder to delete etc from the folder (even selecting delete while on other folders won't allow me to delete from SENT....)

    It is also resetting when I try to create new/edit/delete e mail accounts. Have I got a virus ?

    I am on assignment in India and this is desperate. Anything I can do ? and when I get home - should I Hard Reset (can I even delete versamail and re-load.)

    Sorry to be so helpless, but can someone offer advice ?

    richard Quest
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    Hello Richard. Shouldn't you be getting some over-eager CNN intern or underling to set up your phone ?

    I think you'll find the majority opinion here is that Versamail pretty much stinks - mostly due to it's stability (or lack thereof). I too was having constant resets with Versamail - I ditched it out of frustration but never found anything else b/c I don't have a real need for email on the Treo.

    You might want to check out ChatterEmail. I've not used it personally, but it has a devoted following and the developer has a forum here on Treocentral and is responsive to questions and suggestions.
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    I echo the sentiments of the fella above me - Versamail stinks. It's funny when I think that two of the buggiest apps I've ever had on my Treo(Vmail and RealPlayer) came WITH my Treo and are still on there now(can't delete them - they're in the ROM).

    I recommend Snappermail, and unless you need your email absolutely instantaneously, it's probably the best email app out there. I would like to note however, that Snappermail's next big rollout is going to be "push" email.
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    Here's the Palm KB article for how to fix this problem:,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(36541),ts=Palm_External2001

    I would suggest bookmarking the above, as at least for me, this happens on frequently -- at least every couple of weeks.

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