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    Hey all,
    This is my first post, but I have been following TreoCentral and these forums for a little while now, and this place is sweet. Anyway, more to the point, I am looking to purchase a new 650 for Sprint. I currently have Sprint as my carrier, and I am fine with my plan and would like to keep all that but add (or change) my phone and add Vision services for a little more a month. As many have noted here, I am a little distraught by the lack of current customer/loyalty rebates etc. from Sprint and I REALLY would rather not renew/extend my contract. So it looked to me that I would then have to buy one outright from Sprint, until I started looking at eBay. I have been following 650ís on eBay for a few weeks now and was looking at NEW (in-box) 650's with clear ESN's. Here is where some of my questions started to arise. I started searching the archives and reading more posts here, and was reading horror stories about 650's from eBay, and even ones from stores. Some comments went even as far to say that they thought it was worth the extra money for a new one from Sprint (or fill in the carrier here), because you can then go back and get help, or maybe even a new one if itís a lemon or bad. Basically, is it worth the extra $100 or so for me to walk into a Sprint store and buy one there so I have the full warrantee etc? Remember, I really don't want to renew contracts, or change carriers, I just want to change phones (from my ageing Samsung A680) and add Vision, so it looks like no cool rebates for me (I guess $499 from Sprint?). Unless I'm searching incorrectly, NIB Sprint 650's go for about $400 or so shipped on eBay. I have searched the forums, but many stories are people starting a new, or renewing contracts (and there are some crazy deals if your starting a new carrier). I'd love to hear comments as I'd like to save money, but if it means less support, or it really may come back to haunt me, then saving $100-$150 may mean nothing. Thank you all!

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    My advice would be to forget the on line options. Walk into a decent "all carriers" store (a joint that will sell you Sprint, Cingular, Verizon whatever) in a business district and explain your situation. Here's what they did for me albeit with Cingular.

    1. Terminated my 20+ year account with AT&Tingular.
    2. Opened a new account on my wife's "family plan" for $9.95 a month.....then switched my wife from "main number" to me being "main number" since 1st phone was $50 a month and other 3 were $10 a month and business reimburses mine.
    3. Walked out with a $300 receipt and a $50 rebate card.

    The only thing I lost was my old number which had a different area code which I wanted to dump anyway. My new cell number now has my business / home area code and is much easier to remember.

    If you are not real "attached" to your old number, just cancelling and restarting makes you a new customer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE

    If you are not real "attached" to your old number, just cancelling and restarting makes you a new customer.
    And it also puts him back into a contract which he clearly does not want.

    FWIW i bought a used 650 on ebay for verizon and it I have not had an issue with it in the month+ i have had it.
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    i love having warranties, on my car, my tv, my laptop, and yes my Treo. if u have the extra 100 bucks and u want to keep ur number and carrier, buy it outright. the piece of mind is worth it.

    of u dont have the extra money, port your number to Cingular and get one cheaper that way
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    cancelling will cost you about $200 for a break fee..scrogers..i too was just like you at one point..i wanted a new treo but i wanted to keep my AT&T/Cingular account..GSM treos are more expensive..about $380 for a used one..anyways..i bought one..and i ended up getting screwed over because it was hard locked (long story..this couldnt happen to you since your on CDMA)..sold it back on ebay and then bought another REALLY lucky this time and found one which was used for 1 month with 11 months of warranty left..came out to be $378 with shipping..which is an excellent price for the UNLOCKED phone i received (unlock ones are usually more expensive)..if i had to give you some say wait around and see if you can find one which is lightly used with some sort of warranty left dont wanna invest almost 400 bucks in something and have it go down the sure you'll find something..good luck!
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    Thanks to you all! The more time I spend here, the more I like it. The posts have raised another question in my mind. Suppose I buy a completely NIB Sprint 650 from eBay, and walk into a Sprint store, how would they treat that? For example, since I didn't purchase it there, what, if any warrantee/support does it carry? I would assume since I didn't get it directly through Sprint that the 30-day no questions thing is out of the picture. But, is there still a year warrantee from Palm? If so, does it start from the sale date of my purchase (me opening the box) or when the seller from eBay got it? Sorry if I'm a little slow on the uptake, I just kind of got the feeling from some archived posts that if I bought an eBay phone (even NIB) that Sprint would only support me in terms of service, not hardware since I didn't get it from them. If something broke would I be out in the cold? Thanks again!
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    My experience is there is little consistency in support. Walk in to a store, tell them you plan to buy a phone and ask them what the policy is. ZYou might actually bump into someone who is willing to deal on a new phone.

    FYI - I've bought and sold Treos on ebay. Make sure you confirm what you are getting (Brand new, never registered, in box) and purchase with a credit card. If it is not as advertised, ship it back, if they give you a problem, call the cc company and have them reverse the discrepant transaction (get sig confirmation & insurance on the return ship)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin17
    And it also puts him back into a contract which he clearly does not want..
    That's not what I read. I took it that he doesn't want to renew a contract but might consider if he was gonna save a lotta money.

    "I have searched the forums, but many stories are people starting a new, or renewing contracts (and there are some crazy deals if your starting a new carrier). I'd love to hear comments as I'd like to save money,"
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    Up thru yesterday you could have bought one brand spakin new from Earthlink for $69. You could port yur number over and still be on Sprint';s network tho Earthlink would be sending you the bill. See:

    However in checking, they have extended the offer thru the 17th. You have to buy a $70 a month plan tho....but still.....if that's say $20 more than you paying now, that only adds up to $240 and you get unlimited data usage of every kind w/ no limits.
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    why not wait for the 700p? If I didn't have a treo now, or I still had the 600- given that it is close to launch, I'd wait.

    I thought I saw an ad in the WSJ for a treo for $99 though, obviously with contract.
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    I had actually thought about waiting for the latest device, and since I refuse to go Windows Mobile, that would be the 700p. I guess I would really have to compare the devices, since I do not believe that newer is ALWAYS better. Also, looking at some of the web rumors, and threads here, can we expect the 700p much before mid March or April? I know that isn't too far off, but one thing that has kept me from buying a Smartphone this long has been waiting for "the latest technology." I also really like the amount of support and documentation etc. for the 650 since it has been out for so long and had its fair share of problems. Additionally, I have an ageing flip phone that has developed a hairline crack in the hinge, and when it makes it all the way through, the phone is done.
    I also have been wanting a new Palm device and have been using them on and off since the days of the Apple Newton (the MP130, and MP2000/2100 are still some of the slickest things I've ever used except for their size and the fact that they no longer sync to anything without MAJOR adapters and sketchy 3rd-party software). As for the original eBay vs. in-store, I have gone back and forth, but may just throw it in and walk into a store. I'm craving the device more and more, and think Iím just going to go for it soon. Again, any responses to any of the questions are awesome, and thank you all!
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    I think one of the reasons we are seeing so many discounts on the CDMA 650 is the 700p on CDMA is about to break. Though the GSM versions, at least carrier specific ones, aren't far behind.

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