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    Your low memory error warning is a sign that the DB cache is getting full and needs to be cleared, much the same result as when a soft reset is executed in some circumstances. MemoryInfo is a good program for monitoring and clearing the DB cache and other things. In addition, as indicated above, MultiMail/Versamail also has a memory usage problem that occasionally gets out of hand. If you are not too attached to it, you might consider another email program that behaves a bit better, such as SnapperMail and ChatterEmail.

    In addition, have you considered using a third party launcher that places your applications on the SD card, copies 'em to main memory and launches them, then moves everything back to the SD card? That in itself will save you LOTS of memory. Most of your apps that do not need to run in the back ground (alarms type of thing) can be run from the SD card.

    Also as stated above, Documents to Go can also be run off the SD card and in the new release(s), has a facility to move things to the SD card.

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    Hello again.
    Still humbly hoping to find out how I get the old user file to work with the newly installed Palm Desktop.
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