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    Hi GoodGuy,

    One of my users has had his Treo 650 stop receiving new emails twice this week. Each time, I've noticed in the Goodlink management console that "Flow Control" has turned on (gone to YES) for email (and at least one of the two times also for calendar). Reprovisioning (debug - reprov) fixes it, but only for a few days before it goes into "Flow Control" mode again.

    The user does have a very large mailbox, but the Treo has about 9MB of free RAM, and I've never run a fetch command for this particular user. He's current - running goodlink on Treo 1.71 firmware (Cingular 1.20-ENA). Can you think of why it's doing it and how I keep him from going into Flow Control mode and having Godlink "stop"? Thanks a lot,

    BTW, the problem started after a week-long trip to Japan during which he wasn't online with Goodlink. But I've reprovisioned twice since.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Wow. Good one.

    Let me dig.
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    From our support:

    "The purpose of flow control is to ensure that the device can handle the amount of incoming traffic. Goodlink will limit it's memory usage to around 10mb so that it won't dominate the device, however this shouldn't affect it's ability to receive messages. I would recommend checking the user's coverage information and also look into a full reprovision of the device. If the user can hard reset the device then it that may also help eliminate the problem since it seemed to start after the user traveled."

    Wish it was better news.
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    Thanks for the quick response GoodGuy,

    OK - Does "look into a full reprovision of the device" mean:

    A) debug - reprov (which I've done to no avail)
    b) full hard reset, followed by GoodLink restore from card
    c) complete annihilation: delete user altogether in the Management Console, hard reset the Treo, recreate the user in the console, fresh install GoodLink onto Treo
    d) annihilatiojn of Goodlink only: delete goodlink entirely from Treo but don't hard reset, delete and recreate user in GoodLink console, fresh install goodlink

    Reason I'm asking is that his Treo is more of a pain to reconfigure than most because he's got a bunch of tother stuff (J-OS, Agendus Mail for reading Japanese incoming mails, etc.) that don't back up well and will need reinstallation from scratch, so I'm trying to avoid a hard reset if I can.

    Thanks again,

    - P -
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    I think they are talking hard-reset on the device
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    Completely Wiped out the treo (Hard Reset), cleared the SD Card and deleted+recreated the user in Management Console. After a few hours it was back. He's got a big mailbox, but not the biggest here, and others don't have that problem. Is your tech guy aware of any size/number of items limits on any folders in the Exchange mailbox that give GoodLink problems when they're gone over? The only thing I can think of is to archive some old mail, but I wonder if it's probably irrelevant (since Goodlink only syncs recent emails).


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    That should be irrelevant since upon a new provision, sent, deleted and folder items are not synced, only the headers. I have literally thousands of emails and no issues. Have you contacted Cing or Good tech support?
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    I have the exact same issue. "Flow Control" is set to Yes and I havent gotten mail for 24 hours. Rebooted device, server, no help.

    Any other ideas short of rebuilding from scratch?
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    I eventually found that the flow control problem only occurred when JKOS (Japanes language software) is turned on. I can't imagine why that would matter, but the problem definitely goes away when you deactivate JKOS (no need to uninstall). Right now, the user simply keeps JKOS off until he really needs it (a bit of a pain, since activating/deactivating JKOS requires a reboot).

    I've been meaning to try replacing JKOS with CJKOS (another software that does the same thing) and see if everything works, but have not tried it yet.

    Let me know if JKOS is the problem for you too. If JKOS is not on the treo, i'd try to think of some other program on the Treo with "deep hooks" into the Palm OS like JKOS.

    GoodGuy, Good might want to investigate the JKOS-GoodLink bug, as it's standard on Japanese-market Treos if you ever want to go there. Also, any update on when GoodLink might support asian characters (output, at least)?


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    have not heard of when we will support double-byte, but it is on the roadmap.

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