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    " It's small, it's boring and won't turn any heads - but it probably spells the end of the road for Skype, Vonage and any other hopeful independent VoIP companies. It's Nokia's 6136 phone, which allows you to make calls over your home or office Wi-Fi network, as well as on a regular cellular network. UMA, or unlicensed mobile access, is the mobile operators' answer to the threat of VoIP - and now it's reality.

    Many of Nokia's mid-range and high-end phones will feature Wi-Fi, and UMA allows the user to keep one phone number, one handset, and receive one bill at the end of every month."
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    Vonage already sells a wifi phone.

    You pay 14 or 24 bucks a month, and the minutes are free from any hotsopt.

    Yes, I agree the telcos will have to offer "free minutes from home" to stem the tide, but i have the cheapest possible plan for my pair of 700w phones with broadband, and my first phone bill was $358 dollars.

    With so many options for cheap and free phone calls, here and on the horizon, there is NO WAY for the prices to stay this high.
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    The end of Vonage? So how do I hook up a cell phone to my DirecTV receiver and alarm system?
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    the truth is, voip is the end of bogus fees and surcharges passed off as taxes, and hundred dollar cell bills, and per minute charges

    personally, i think its an anti trust violation that verizon is forcing me to buy a voice plan, when all i want is a data connection

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