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    The T-Mobile SDA launched yesterday. I can confirm that GoodLink works great! I do wish that GoodLink took over the text messaging and MMS features of the phone...because it doesn't, it's necessary to cradle and sync Outlook contacts periodically - so Contacts are on the phone twice. Otherwise, you only see numbers as the senders of incoming messages. I also wish you could "Mark all as read" in the GoodLink inbox. Otherwise, it's great!

    I'm not yet sure if it works over wifi in addition to EDGE/GPRS. Anyone else know??
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    Thanks for the feedback. Please keep us updated as you play around with the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    Thanks for the feedback. Please keep us updated as you play around with the device.
    I'll be happy to. Cheers.
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    The biggest problem so far has been the memory footprint of GoodLink. This was also tricky on the Cingular 2125, but because the SDA has wifi, storage memory vanishes even more quickly. With GoodLink installed and running, I have less than 3MB free; a few minutes browsing IE over wifi, and I start to get error messages that I'm running out of storage memory. I've tried some hacks to get IE to store its cache on my storage card, but they haven't worked so far.

    I hate to say it, but I think that if Microsoft's AKU2 push e-mail were released, I'd have to worry less about available memory. I love using GoodLink, so hopefully it doesn't come to that.
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    I did get my IE to store its cache on the storage card - that helps.

    Part of the reason I'm so low on memory is that I have to sync Outlook contacts manually - even though GoodLink already has a copy. Unless I do that, the SMS and MMS applications only show the number for received/sent messages - they don't match up to the GoodLink contacts database. If they did, that would help a lot.

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