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    My Treo 600 encounters the following problem when I either drop a call,try to connect where the signal is weak, or just move into a no service location: phone locks up for a few seconds, "No Service" appears at top of screen, and the "Enter lock code:" screen appears. I must unlock the phone to proceed. Performing a hard reset or reinstalling the Updater (Sprint version 1.20) seems to take care of the problem for a while, but it inevitably returns. I rarely get the "dropped call" screen. Any suggestions?
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    Do you have a security app turned on?
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    The only security option I use is to automatically turn off after 30 minutes. It requires entering the password, not the security lock code.
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    I vaguely remember running into the same problem but I had other security software that I used before. This security you are saying is just the actual security app that came with the treo?

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