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    With this combination of high quality products, you get the Treo 700 battery cover with reset hole, the premium silicon skin case with matching reset hole, and a (patent pending) holster designed exclusively to carry this perfectly complemented set.

    The Battery Cover with Reset Hole eliminates the annoyance you experience when resetting your Treo. Instead of having to remove the battery cover every time you reset, all you have to do is push the stylus through the existing hole and it's done!

    What would go GREAT with this battery cover with reset hole? A skin case with a reset hole to match! Its rubbery skin makes holding and gripping your Treo 700 much easier. The premium skin is made from a very high grade polymer that is extremely strong, durable, tear resistant, and long lasting.

    Bundled with this set is a custom made, super strong swivel lock holster that was designed to fit your skinned Treo 700 perfectly. The holster's sturdy construction, (patent pending) spring clip, and strong belt clip keep your Treo very secure.

    With this combination of fine products, security, ease of use, and total portability are yours. For a limited time, this combo is on sale at a price that is impossible to beat. Treat yourself and your Treo!

    Please contact or visit our website at
    for more information on this product
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    Great timing. The answer I received to my question regarding skins sold me on your product.
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    I have three words ....FULL SKIN CASE.........

    I don't understand why it's so difficult to offer a covered keypad skin, you would have to have some tiny fingers to not bump into the raised lip on the cut out. Vikings have fat fingers.............
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    I just received my convenience kit and after 10 minutes on the phone, it came off and went back into the box. The skin fits fine, but the holster is worse at keeping the Treo secure than Seidio's holster for naked phones. I guess a Saja is my destiny.

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