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    i just got an intel imac decided to try out missing sync latest universal app
    did a sync now my treo 650 does not have my 100+ contacts...i cant afford to loose them i have some friend and clients numbers that are very important. I did a sync to see if if they go back to my phone with no luck, how can i rectify this issue? please somebody tell me how. My schedule and memos everything gone...

    i used the usb plug no bluetooth yet
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    Hi Javizun, sorry to hear about the problem.

    Unfortunately, I use missing sync with an aluminum powerbook so don't have experience with the intel mac. Hopefully someone else here will have some ideas to offer you.

    In the interim, you may want to check Markspace's support page (link) to see if they list any information about this problem. If not, they have an email support link on the left side of the page, so you can submit your problem to get their feedback.
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    Karen when you sync do your contacts go back to your phone?
    i did the sync and the only contacts i have now on my phone are the ones that i have on my address book wich is the apple contact and the card apple created for me.
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    Hi Javizun,
    Yes, my contacts sync between my phone and mac (both ways). Here are my settings in Missing Sync (on my mac):
    "Mark/Space Contact" conduit is enabled ("Synchronize")
    "Contacts" conduit is disabled ("Do nothing")

    I remember that Markspace indicated that Missing Sync may not be fully functional on the new intel macs, but I don't recall what issues they had identified (or whether those issues were serious). I'm happy to offer my input, and also hope that you are contacting Markspace directly because they are most aware of how Missing Sync works on the new intel macs.

    Good luck!
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    I thought that the first time you dod a sync the conduit is set so that the computer overwrites the phone. I don't remember that for sure.

    If you have that many contacts you should consider a good backup plan. I keep my contacts on a home computer and work computer syncing through an Exchange server and do weekly backups on the datafile on the home computer. That way if I lose the phone I still have everything.

    Contact Mark / Space to see if the contacts can be restored.
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    I've used Missing Sync on my new MacBook Pro and have had no significant problems. There is a Missing Sync Talk mailing list that may be able to help.

    First and foremost, however, is you should have complete backups. This is above and beyond what the backup conduit is doing, as if Missing Sync (or Hotsync) has problems, you don't want to be dependent on them for your backups. Personally I use BackupBuddyVFS - I've found it to be 100% reliable, simple, and worth its virtual weight in gold.

    Besides that, you should also make backups of your Address Book and iCal data (this can be done from the file menus of each application) before installing a new release of Missing Sync. There have been significant "teething problems" with the 5.0 releases (which work completely differently from the 4.0 and earlier releases), and there can still be major issues when installing a new version.

    In my experience, the first couple of versions (5.0 and 5.0.1) were buggy and incomplete to the point of being useless or dangerous. 5.0.2 and 5.0.3 improved sigificantly for me, and everything settled down and has been stable since (for me). Version 5.1 is a beta release still, and while it may have bugs at the moment it should be a HUGE leap forward, judging by the speed and specific bug fixes they've made.
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