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    Hey whats goin on fellas.
    I have had my treo about a month, it works great!

    However....this wknd somthing isnt working right. I received 2 calls this morning and when I picked up it was like no1 was there. I thought nothing of it until tonight I made like 5 calls and heard nothing.

    If I use the speakerphone, everything is fine...but when I turn off speaker to use the handset I get absolutely nothing.

    All other sounds and ringers work fine.
    Any ideas before I try to get it replaced?
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    Any 3rd-party software that affects earpiece volume (such as VolumeCare)? Has the in-call system volume been indavertantly dropped all the way down via the rocker button? Does the problem go away after a hard reset? If not, sounds like replacement time.
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    I will try a hard reset. Is there a way to backup my palm stuff? I havent installed anything in a while Im not sure why it wouldnt work. I noticed that if i shake shake shake the phone the speaker my come in for a split second. Weird
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    it's a hardware issue. Use your earpiece for a while and arrange to get your unit replaced.

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