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    Hi everyone,
    I know you all probably get all these newbies who have thousands of questions I'm sure most of you find easy. You'll have to forgive me because I've had my Treo for less than 24 hours and need help. I used to have a BB and loved that my emails came through the same time they were coming to my inbox. Do I really need to receive emails the second they're sent, probaly not; however, like someone said in a thread...once you have it, it's tought to go back.
    I've seen a lot about chatter and I'm not sure if this is what most people would recommend or if it's just a popular product on the site. What input do people have? What downfalls are there to it?
    I also don't know if there are any other pieces of software out there that you all would recommend...I'm in sales and use word and excel on the reg. If anyone has a program they would recommend I download please let me know.
    I'm at your mercy!
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    I would say check out Chatter,and Snapper.I use Chatter,when I tried it out,never got around to trying Snapper.Both products have a trial period-I never had any luck with VersaMail at all.

    I agree,while it may not be necessary for me to get all my emails the instant they get to my inbox (while clients,colleagues and business partners may argue otherwise) it can sure be nice especially once you are used to it.I used Blackberry devices for many years before going to the Treo (In fact I still have several firm issued Blackberry devices,the current one sits on my desk most of the time,with the exception of court days or another time when I can't smuggle my Treo in,I do my non PC emails on the Treo).

    Enjoy your Treo !
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    Hi Ryan,
    Congrats on your new Treo... sounds like you need Chatter. (I use it and have been very pleased with it.) narbeauchamp's suggestion to try before you buy is excellent -- chatter has a trial period (as does snappermail). Why not give it a try?

    For excel, word, etc documents on the Treo, I believe most folks use Docs to Go (which I believe is included on the CD that comes with your Treo).
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    Welcome Ryan,

    The reason so many folks are jazzed about Chatter is because it uniquely pushes your email to you, IF you use an IMAP server. There are many such servers available, some free. More info in the Chatter forum here. Like you, I once had a Blackberry. Chatter virtually duplicates that immediate-receipt/send effect, so I'm a happy camper and don't miss the BB at all (still shocks me to say that, and it's been over a year now). Chatter pulled me away from Snapper-- excellent app, but I preferred "push".

    As for the Word and Excel files, some folks like Docs to Go; others, such as yours truly, prefer MobiSystem's OfficeSuite:
    Classic: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    . .. . .
    Pro: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Database, Paint
    . . . .

    DocstoGo now claims a PDF-friendly aspect to its suite. However, you can get a free PDF Viewer, which is VERY good:
    . . . .
    I grew to despise D2G-- unstable and sync craziness. None of these problems with MobiSystems. But, try them yourself and then decide.
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    Hey Ryan!

    You should try the various email programs out. I have used Versamail since the beginning and with the exception of a little time when I had some files get corrupted it has worked well for me. I sync it automatically ever 30 minutes with a POP3 account, you could do this more often if needed. BTW when my Versamail was not working, Chatter would not work on the phone either, so whatever coorupted the files was causing both email programs to not work. It maybe that I'm just used to the Versamail interface, but I preferrd it to Chatter. I also have mNotes email client and I prefer Versamail interface to it also.

    Good Luck!

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